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Beyond Logistics: Supply Chain Management

Product excellence fails to guarantee competitive advantage. Successful companies use supply chain partnerships to reduce costs and complement their products with basic and value-added services.

Alfred J. Battaglia November 1 1994

Repairing The CEO/CIO Disconnect

Are you on the bleeding edge, or just bleeding? Costly technology investments stand a better chance of success when coordinated by the CEO and CIO-two executives who often find themselves speaking separate languages. Here’s how to translate.

Charles B. Wang November 1 1994

Is There Anything We Can Agree Upon?

The other day I was arguing with a friend about recycling, but the disagreement quickly escalated into a debate about [...]

Joe Queenan November 1 1994


CHIP OFF THE OLD BLOCKTo The Editor:In the article, “The Vulnerability Of Brand Equity” (CE: July/August 1994), author David Beatty, [...]

Chief Executive November 1 1994

Paradigm Paradox

Asked about the art of team management, Casey Stengel once remarked that it’s about getting paid for home runs other [...]

Chief Executive November 1 1994

Managing Board Affairs

In preparation for the article on Best/Worst Boards in this issue, I rummaged through a stack of 1994 proxy statements. [...]

Robert W. Lear November 1 1994

Hedging For Dollars

In a world of sluggish securities investment options, hedge funds may provide substantial returns. But beware the volatility factor and hefty management fees.

George P. Van October 4 1994

Brother, Can You Spare A Paradigm?

GET BETTER OR GET BEATEN! 31 LEADERSHIP SECRETS FROM GE’S JACK WELCH By Robert Slater. Irwin Professional Publishing, 200 pp., [...]

Robert J. Callender October 1 1994

Urban Guerrillas: Re-Inventing Our Cities

The promise of re-inventing the federal government remains embarrasingly unfulfilled, but a new wave of U.S mayors is redefining how cities can be run – and how they might be saved.

Chief Executive October 1 1994

The Corporation As Brand: An Identity Dilemma

The payoff of adopting a new identity-a package that includes a company’s name, brandmark, and marketing pitch-may be access to hitherto hard-to-penetrate consumer groups and greater market share.

Irving W. Bailey And Alvin H. Schechter October 1 1994

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