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Gilbert F. Amelio

Git Amelio is not one to let the chips fall where they may. With the market rapidly expanding for electronic [...]

Louise Driben March 1 1995

The Power Of Lean

In their quest to cut costs and shave seconds from the production clock, some companies are turning to lean manufacturing, a process that demands companywide participation and a willingness to change the corporate culture.

Joseph C. Day March 1 1995

The Mentoring Message

The key to successful employee development is communicating the vision and values that make a company strong, then seeing that [...]

Richard C. Bartlett March 1 1995

The Equitable’s Race For Assets

In rebuilding its capital base, Dick Jenrette placed The Equitable For Assets in the forefront of insurers selling retirement savings products. But rival asset gatherers also are panning for gold among baby boomers worried about their golden years.

Chief Executive March 1 1995

Beyond The Millennium: CEOs Size Up The Future

Looking toward the 21st century, CEOs face a host of challenges and pressures. In the second of a two-part series, CE asked chief executives to identify what their businesses must do to build and maintain competitive advantage.

Chief Executive March 1 1995

Have We Lost Our Moral Compass?

Chief Executive January 7 1995

Performance In The Boardroom: The Best And Worst Boards Of 1994

Robert W. Lear And Boris Yavitz Governance/Compliance November 1 1994

Logistics As A Competitive Weapon

Chief Executive November 1 1994

Boeing’s Big Bet

Last April Boeing, the world’s largest aircraft manufacturer, unveiled its 777, the world’s largest twin-engine, long-distance passenger aircraft. Despite signs [...]

JP Donlon November 1 1994

Dialling for Dollars

Ah, the smell of the greasepaint, the roar of the crowd. Having completed a presentation to customers, James H. Ross, [...]

Chief Executive November 1 1994

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