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Paradigm Paradox

Asked about the art of team management, Casey Stengel once remarked that it’s about getting paid for home runs other [...]

Chief Executive November 1 1994

Managing Board Affairs

In preparation for the article on Best/Worst Boards in this issue, I rummaged through a stack of 1994 proxy statements. [...]

Robert W. Lear November 1 1994

Hedging For Dollars

In a world of sluggish securities investment options, hedge funds may provide substantial returns. But beware the volatility factor and hefty management fees.

George P. Van October 4 1994

Brother, Can You Spare A Paradigm?

GET BETTER OR GET BEATEN! 31 LEADERSHIP SECRETS FROM GE’S JACK WELCH By Robert Slater. Irwin Professional Publishing, 200 pp., [...]

Robert J. Callender October 1 1994

Urban Guerrillas: Re-Inventing Our Cities

The promise of re-inventing the federal government remains embarrasingly unfulfilled, but a new wave of U.S mayors is redefining how cities can be run – and how they might be saved.

Chief Executive October 1 1994

The Corporation As Brand: An Identity Dilemma

The payoff of adopting a new identity-a package that includes a company’s name, brandmark, and marketing pitch-may be access to hitherto hard-to-penetrate consumer groups and greater market share.

Irving W. Bailey And Alvin H. Schechter October 1 1994

Back From The Brink

Cash flow is weak, foreign currency fluctuations are against you, your key customers are fleeing, and you fall into the abyss of Chapter11. Seven stakeholder groups, from a Dutch lender to your Japanese supplier, are elbowing one another for a different outcome. Here’s the plan…

William R. Krehbiel October 1 1994

Strategic Standardization

Can effective standards management boost the bottom line? Compare the commercial success of Microsoft’s Windows software with that of Sony’s Betamax videocassette recorder.

William J. Hudson October 1 1994

Robert H. Campbell

An oil company in partnership with the environment. No, that’s not a misprint. It’s how Robert H. Campbell, chairman, president, [...]

Ronnie Polaneczky October 1 1994

Leonard Lavin

In an era marked increasingly by B-school specialists in finance or accounting who rocket up through the management ranks, Leonard [...]

Ronit Addis Rose October 1 1994

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