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Honk If You Are Global

A U.S. production foothold, a prestigious British 4WD marque with access to Japanese process techniques, and German engineering. How does BMW’s new CEO Bernd Pischetsrieder plan to pull these elements together?

Chief Executive October 1 1994


STRATEGIC PLANNINGTo The Editor:I enjoyed reading your “From The Editor” column entitled, “Honor Roll” (CE: May 1994). Your perception that [...]

Chief Executive October 1 1994

Dya, Dya, Dya Ya Wanna Danz?

A couple of months ago, The Wall Street Journal published a troubling article about the spread of fake compact discs [...]

Joe Queenan September 1 1994

Room At The Top

Loyal Chief Executive readers will remember my “Millennium Masterclass” column earlier this year, which surveyed CEO computer users. In May, [...]

Robert Bittlestone September 1 1994

Corporate Governance At The Crossroads

Few things have changed as much in the past 10 years as corporate governance. We have witnessed an astonishing makeover [...]

Robert W. Lear September 1 1994


TEAMING AT THE TOPTo The Editor:Donald Beall’s article, “Teaming To Win” (CE: May 1994), is replete with examples of how [...]

Chief Executive September 1 1994

Schumpeter’s Children

The Globe Bookstore and Coffeehouse in Prague fills up by 4 p.m. with twentysomething expatriates-most of them Americans. Many sip [...]

Chief Executive September 1 1994

The Teaching CEO

The CEO as educator is a CEO being educated to become a more effective business leader, both inside the corporation, and outside, as a teacher in business schools.

Howard G. Haas September 1 1994


Geoffrey C. Bible, 56, was named presi- dent and chief executive, and William Murray, 58, was named chairman of New [...]

Chief Executive September 1 1994

Inside Eastern Europe

Having come through wrenching economic and social change, the leading countries of Central Europe are poised to break into the club of Western market economies. CE escorted a group of CEOs to Poland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary to meet senior ministers and local business leaders, and to visit joint ventures run by PepsiCo, GE, and Kmart.

Chief Executive September 1 1994

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