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Sky Rider

Piloting World War replica planes isn’t for the faint of heart, out it certainly adds spice to this CEO’s life.

Frank Ryder May 1 1994

The CEO As Salesman

A face-to-face meeting works better than a fax. A personal visit means more than a phone call-especially when it is the CEO who appears in an international customer’s conference room. Executive involvement in the sales process opens doors to new markets and cements customer relationships.

C.C Baldwin May 1 1994

Taking Charge Of Workers’ Compensation

Mushrooming workers’ compensation costs are a silent but deadly liability, eroding profits and productivity. A six-step plan can help to reduce injuries and to administer claims more efficiently.

Linda J. Wachner May 1 1994

Teaming To Win

Teaming can reap a competitive advantage if it is implemented within an accommodating culture and compatible with broader business strategies.

Donald R. Beall May 1 1994

Finding What Really Works In Education

Public education in U.S. cities-like agriculture in the former Soviet Union-is the triumph of hope over experience. Year after year, bloated bureaucracies command huge resources with poor yields. As a result, educators are coming to grips with an idea already revolutionizing Russian farming: competition.            

Chief Executive May 1 1994

Fred G. Steingraber

Back in 1939, when J.O. McKinsey took a job at Marshall Fields, his fledgling consulting business split in two. McKinsey [...]

Kathleen Murray May 1 1994

Leonard G. Herring

Power ties are out, power tools in. Gucci out, gardening stuff in. On the small screen, “Dallas” is out, and [...]

Lorri Grube May 1 1994


TRICKLE DOWN As the recession dragged on over the past several years, jokes proliferated about outon-their-ear economists-who generally failed to [...]

Chief Executive May 1 1994

Reality Check

While President Clinton studiously avoids the term, advocates of “industrial policy,” such as Robert Reich, Ira Magaziner, and Laura Tyson, [...]

Edwin J. Feulner May 1 1994

Redesign For Results

Re-engineering can slash costs, and improve productivity, quality, time-to-market, and customer satisfaction. But to be successful, it must be driven and supported by the CEO.

Thomas C. Wajnert May 1 1994

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