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LEADER’S LOTThe manager has to live with a life in which he never really gets the luxury of choosing between [...]

Chief Executive May 1 1992

Hot Dogma

Bob: Well, gentlemen, now that we have dispensed with the planning for the Christmas party, let’s proceed to item three [...]

Robert Bittlestone May 1 1992

Family Affair

As more baby boomers reach middle age and begin families, their family problems are multiplying. Companies are responding with flexible schedules, job sharing, and other arrangements that help staffers cope and boost productivity.

Richard D. Mccormick May 1 1992

The Hard Times CEO

There are those who say that it takes a different kind of CEO to run a company in a recession [...]

Robert W. Lear May 1 1992

Cashing In On Cachet

The profit-starved banking industry has picked up the scent of wealth. The result: private banks that pamper CEOs and others flush with cash. The era of bank as brand, banking for the busy, is in full swing.

Joseph Mccarthy May 1 1992

New York City-Fight Or Flight?

New York is coming to grips with a financial crisis far more serious than its brush with bankruptcy in 1975. But its struggles are also being monitored by other U.S. cities wrestling with their own demons.

Chief Executive May 1 1992

Miles Collier

Why is an eclectic tycoon with a passion for pyramids soiling his suits in the real estate trenches of southern [...]

Rosalind Resnick May 1 1992

Kathy Keeton

It’s mind-boggling. You’re in another world!” Kathy Keeton is raving about one of her favorite subjects, virtual reality, but her [...]

Peter Lacey May 1 1992

When Will EIS Deliver?

After learning the hard way that executive information system technology is not a corporate panacea, chief executives are implementing enterprise intelligence systems to revitalize business from the top down.

Jeffrey P.Stamen April 1 1992

In The Driver’s Seat

A BETTER IDEA: REDEFINING THE WAY AMERICANS WORK By Donald E. Petersen and John Hillkirk, Houghton Mifflin, 274 pp., $22.95.The [...]

Lawrence G. Blackmon April 1 1992

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