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Robert J. Ratliff

The family farm is nearly extinct. There are 2.1 million farmers in North America, but 50 percent of farm equipment [...]

Russell Shaw April 1 1994

The BS Factor

THE TRUST FACTOR: LIBERATING PROFITS & RESTORING CORPORATE VITALITY By John 0. Whitney, McGraw-Hill, $22.95, 235 pp.Can corporate bureaucracy and [...]

Donald N. Frey April 1 1994

Stamps Of Approval

As an investment, rare stamps can outstrip the S&P 500. But many CEO philatelists are passionate about what others see only as gummed paper.

Peter Lacey March 1 1994

Linking Business Stratey with Information Technology

So much money spent; so little to show for it. That’s one take on IT’s impact. Yet there are signs that we are on the verge of a giant transformation.

Chief Executive March 1 1994

The Wizard Is Oz

The high-tech transformation of UPS by CEO Oz Nelson demonstrates that the top guy needn’t be a “techie” to make a big? buck investment work.

Chief Executive March 1 1994

The CEO’s Guide To Derivatives

Customized swaps, futures, options, and forwards are crucial to effective risk management. But handled incorrectly, they may be risky business themselves.

J. Carter Beese Jr. March 1 1994

Groupe Dynamic

In acquiring Illinois-based Square D, Didier Pineau-Valencienne is pushing one of France’s oldest industrial enterprises further into the global arena. The souffle isn’t quite finished yet.

Chief Executive March 1 1994

Michael Hirst

Thirty years in the hotel business, and Michael Hirst still worries about getting a good night’s sleep. Not for himself, [...]

Jonathan Burton March 1 1994

A.D. “PETE” Correll

Few people ever pictured A.D. “Pete” Correll as the biker type. So when a photo of the 52-year-old Georgia-Pacific executive [...]

Scott Norwell March 1 1994

Jim Stafford

The walls of Jim Stafford’s office are covered with sports memorabilia, including a Minnesota Twins banner and a golf-ball display. [...]

Russell Shaw March 1 1994

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