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Reuters CEO Glen Renfrew: A Blip On The Screen

Walter Wriston, the distinguished former chief of Citicorp, once said, “Information about money is almost as important as money itself.” Walt, meet Reuters’ Peter Job.

Chief Executive CEO Interviews April 1 1994

Re-Examining Those Assumptions

Big themes go hand in hand with big-time gatherings of big shots. The recent annual meeting of the World Economic [...]

JP Donlon April 1 1994


Gerald Albert, 68, and Frank A. Fariello, 59, were named chairman and president, respectively, of EDO Corp., a College Point, [...]

Chief Executive April 1 1994

The Paradox Of Empowerment

Effective empowerment means letting go and taking control. CEOs who thrive in this paradox tap people power-the only sustainable competitive advantage.

Wayne E. Baker April 1 1994

Toronto Travails

Toronto’s CEOs are coming to grips with the lingering recession, political change, and global competition. Things are getting better, though at a snail’s pace.

Joseph Mccarthy April 1 1994

Benchmarking Customer Satisfaction

Up to speed across the board? Ask your customers. Gauging your agility to satisfy-and comparing it with the competition’s-ensures efficient resource allocation and 000sts the bottom line.

Lester E. Coleman And Donald G. Reynolds April 1 1994

Chemical Engineering

Predictions that the 1991 merger of New York’s Chemical Bank and Manufacturers Hanover would underwhelm proved shortsighted. Chemical CEO Walter Shipley is fine tuning a model his peers might like to replicate.

Chief Executive April 1 1994

Governance Paradigm

How are boards measuring up? What do institutional shareholders want? Will CEOs lose power? CEOs, outside directors, and institutional shareholders debate the problems of governance.

Chief Executive April 1 1994

Here Come The Women Directors

The fight is over. The battle is won. Women are now accepted as outside directors in the preponderance of American [...]

Robert W. Lear April 1 1994


POWER OF ITTo The Editor:CE’s roundtable, “Linking Business Strategy With Information Technology” (CE: March 1994), was clearly one of the [...]

Chief Executive April 1 1994

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