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Reality Check

While President Clinton studiously avoids the term, advocates of “industrial policy,” such as Robert Reich, Ira Magaziner, and Laura Tyson, [...]

Edwin J. Feulner May 1 1994

Redesign For Results

Re-engineering can slash costs, and improve productivity, quality, time-to-market, and customer satisfaction. But to be successful, it must be driven and supported by the CEO.

Thomas C. Wajnert May 1 1994

Back in the Saddle

After a phenomenal stint at ConAgra ending in 1992, Mike Harper was expected to ride quietly into the sunset. Then Henry Kravis called, summoning the seasoned veteran into a battle zone of price wars and sagging brand loyalty.

Chief Executive May 1 1994


TOUCHSTONES FOR CORPORATE GOVERNANCETo The Editor:Participating in your stimulating corporate governance roundtable recently and reading Chief Executive’s article, “America’s Best [...]

Chief Executive May 1 1994

Honor Roll

Marshall Louis-Alexandre Berthier, Napoleon’s chief of staff, once recommended to the emperor an able officer for promotion to general of [...]

JP Donlon May 1 1994

Reuters CEO Glen Renfrew: A Blip On The Screen

Walter Wriston, the distinguished former chief of Citicorp, once said, “Information about money is almost as important as money itself.” Walt, meet Reuters’ Peter Job.

Chief Executive CEO Interviews April 1 1994

Re-Examining Those Assumptions

Big themes go hand in hand with big-time gatherings of big shots. The recent annual meeting of the World Economic [...]

JP Donlon April 1 1994


Gerald Albert, 68, and Frank A. Fariello, 59, were named chairman and president, respectively, of EDO Corp., a College Point, [...]

Chief Executive April 1 1994

The Paradox Of Empowerment

Effective empowerment means letting go and taking control. CEOs who thrive in this paradox tap people power-the only sustainable competitive advantage.

Wayne E. Baker April 1 1994

Toronto Travails

Toronto’s CEOs are coming to grips with the lingering recession, political change, and global competition. Things are getting better, though at a snail’s pace.

Joseph Mccarthy April 1 1994

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