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Michael Hirst

Thirty years in the hotel business, and Michael Hirst still worries about getting a good night’s sleep. Not for himself, [...]

Jonathan Burton March 1 1994

A.D. “PETE” Correll

Few people ever pictured A.D. “Pete” Correll as the biker type. So when a photo of the 52-year-old Georgia-Pacific executive [...]

Scott Norwell March 1 1994

Jim Stafford

The walls of Jim Stafford’s office are covered with sports memorabilia, including a Minnesota Twins banner and a golf-ball display. [...]

Russell Shaw March 1 1994

Glen Hineri

In taking the reins of Owens-Corning Fiberglas two years ago, Glen Hiner faced a tall task. Struggling to pay off [...]

Judith Rehak March 1 1994

S. Robert Levine

More than a decade ago, Bob Levine’s high school classmates voted him “Least Likely to Succeed.” In 1992, a different [...]

Jerry Miller March 1 1994

Edward M. Carson

In the summer of 1990, shortly after Ed Carson took over as chairman and CEO of troubled First Interstate Bancorp [...]

Joseph L. Mccarthy March 1 1994


FOREIGN POLICIESAfter addressing a conservative group recently, I was asked by a member of the audience whether the Clinton Administration’s [...]

Chief Executive March 1 1994

The Tax Hike Cometh

When millions of America‘s “evil rich” fill out their income tax forms over the next several weeks in preparation for [...]

Edwin J. Feulner March 1 1994

Rumor Industry On Last Legs?

Recently, with little fanfare, Rumor World magazine closed its doors forever. Founded in 1932, Rumor World once enjoyed a circulation [...]

Joe Queenan March 1 1994


CAUSE FOR ALARMTo The Editor:Edwin J. Feulner’s column, “GOP Wake-Up Call” (CE: June 1993), is outstanding. We must awaken Republicans [...]

Chief Executive March 1 1994

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