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Derek Bonham, 50, was named deputy chairman of London‘s Hanson PLC, indicating that he may be the successor to Chairman [...]

Chief Executive March 1 1994

The Last Frontier

Most computer applications seem to be aimed at reducing costs. At least, that’s what you read on the capital-expenditure applications. [...]

Robert Bittlestone March 1 1994

The Patient CEO

“Patient money” is the term used to describe an investment that yields little or no return for a long period [...]

Robert W. Lear March 1 1994

Apocalypse Now?

Small investors fleeing paltry returns on CDs are piling into mutual funds. But if the bull market falters they may panic, perhaps turning a correction into a crash. Want to play the equities market while minimizing risk? Try funds that offer a unique combination of prudence and performance.

Jonathan Burton March 1 1994

Guerrillas In Our Midst

WHO’S IN CHARGE? CEOs AND BOARDS SHUFFLE POWER By Richard M. Clurman, The Chief Executive Press, $1 3.95, 87 pp.There [...]

Robert J. Callander And Ronald Bailey March 1 1994

Technology Re-Engineering: The Next Step

Successful re-engineering must encompass both business processes and information technology. Companies strapped with outdated systems cede a key advantage to competitors.

Klaus P. Besier March 1 1994

Back To School: Executive Education In The U.S.

Troubled U S business schools must pursue partnerships with business if they are to survive. Businesses must meet them halfway if they want to keep the pipeline filled with management talent.

Peter Lorange March 1 1994


CRITICAL SKILLS FIT THE BILLTo The Editor:As president and CEO of Illinois’ largest community blood center, I am accountable for [...]

Chief Executive December 1 1993

Bush Plus

Addressing the Pacific Research Institute’s first annual efficiency in government awards dinner earlier this year, former Federal Trade Commission Chairman [...]

JP Donlon December 1 1993

Gimme Shelter

The recent tax hike sent top-bracket investors running for cover. Many found protection under flexible, tax-deferred variable and fixed-dollar annuities.

Ray Dirks December 1 1993

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