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CRITICAL SKILLS FIT THE BILLTo The Editor:As president and CEO of Illinois’ largest community blood center, I am accountable for [...]

Chief Executive December 1 1993

Bush Plus

Addressing the Pacific Research Institute’s first annual efficiency in government awards dinner earlier this year, former Federal Trade Commission Chairman [...]

JP Donlon December 1 1993

Gimme Shelter

The recent tax hike sent top-bracket investors running for cover. Many found protection under flexible, tax-deferred variable and fixed-dollar annuities.

Ray Dirks December 1 1993

Implications Of The Rising Yen

Washington’s decision to combat the spiraling trade deficit with Japan by allowing a the dollar to plunge against the yen has failed. What are the policy alternatives, and how can U.S. firms best defend themselves against currency risk?

Robert Z. Aliber December 1 1993

The Privatization Payoff

Countries worldwide are embracing privatization, driving growth and creating opportunities for Western firms. Houston Industries tapped Argentina’s electric power sector while adapting to economic, cultural, and political challenges.

Don D. Jordan December 1 1993

The Six Sigma Encore

The company that does something different for every customer is going to win,’ says Motorola CEO George Fisher. Mass customization, pioneered by the company’s pager division, is one step in the transformation process.

Chief Executive December 1 1993

What’s Wrong-And Right-With The Baldrige Awards

Think the Baldrige process is too complicated, too expensive, or too time-consuming? Join the crowd. But some companies find the award’s criteria to be a valuable diagnostic tool-whether they run the quality gauntlet or not.

Christopher W. L. Hart December 1 1993


LENIN LIVESI’d like to take just a moment to consider the great force propelling privatization around the world. Look at [...]

Chief Executive December 1 1993

Reinventing Pork

Well, it’s almost that time again. Time for President Clinton and members of Congress to start putting their heads together [...]

Edwin J. Feulner December 1 1993

Plug In For Profits

Corporate networks-transmitting voice, data, and images-have become critical for many multinationals. How they are used can make a big difference in the payoff to your company.

Leonardo E. Vannotti December 1 1993

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