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Sally C. Pipes

When CEOs lock and load during testimony at legislative and regulatory hearings, it’s Sally Pipes who sometimes provides the ammunition.As [...]

Lorri Grube October 1 1993


JP Donlon CEO of the Year July 1 1993

Mark C. Miller

On the corner of Mark C. Miller’s desk, a papier-mache head fixes visitors with a meditative expression and imposing stare. [...]

Kathleen Murray March 1 1993

Mass Customization And The Changing Logistics Of Manufacturing

Mass manufactured, cookie-cutter products are going the way of the Model T. But how to customize affordably? Roundtable participants say the answer lies in new technologies and the ongoing integration of man and machines.

Chief Executive March 1 1993

Obvious To Some

It is a useful rule that whenever a consensus forms among the lumpen intelligentsia-that is, among those in the press, [...]

JP Donlon November 1 1992

Is This A Man’s World?

Not very long ago, I had occasion to attend one of the most repugnant gatherings of mammals I have ever [...]

Joe Queenan November 1 1992

True Value

If you ask a CEO to identify the primary target of his job, he might answer, “To make as much [...]

Robert W. Lear November 1 1992

The All-Weather Bond Portfolio

Tired of money market yields but afraid to relinquish security? One answer may be a diversified portfolio of government, municipal, and corporate bonds.

William N. Shielbler November 1 1992

Fearful Flyers

Some CEOs can’t wing it in planes. But courtesy of two airline companies, there’s hope for those who seek to cope.

Michael T. Harris November 1 1992

Global Villager

 THE TWILIGHT OF SOVEREIGNTYBy Walter B. VVriston, Charles Scribner & Sons, 208 pp., $25.Is it fair even to hope for [...]

Robert Bittlestone November 1 1992

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