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Praise Be To Codd

Kevin: Bob, cancel all your appointments. I simply have to tell you about a wondrous event that has just changed [...]

Robert Bittlestone October 1 1993

The Clinton Scorecard

Bill’s budget, NAFTA, health-care reform, and other areas have created investment opportunities. A veteran CE contributor looks to chalk up gains in the auto, banking, biotech, and telecom sectors.

Mary Sheils October 1 1993

Threats To Global Technology Leadership: The Biotech Paradigm

Plagued by a love-hate relationship with Wall Street and the threat of caps on drug prices, biotech companies continue to scramble for the funding needed to bring products to market. The upshot: Many have abandoned plans to become fully integrated pharmaceutical companies and are pairing with larger partners or rethinking pricing and product strategies.

Chief Executive October 1 1993

Compensation For The Ownership Decade

Forcing share ownership on CEOs may backfire. But voluntary programs strengthen the link between pay and performance, while facilitating empowerment initiatives and an entrepreneurial approach.

David R. Meredith October 1 1993


With or without a formal trade agreement, economic integration within North America is at hand. CE asked a globally focused chief executive to size up the opportunities and how CEOs might capture them.

Frederick W. Smith October 1 1993

Trial By Fire

Government can be a lucrative customer once one learns to master the procurement process. Or the relationship can kill a company. Maxima founder and CEO Joshua Smith is lucky. He learned a valuable lesson from the company’s near-death experience.

Chief Executive October 1 1993

Reformation Redux

Activists are nailing demands for reform on corporate doors nationwide, recalling Martin Luther’s 16th century attack on the Catholic Church. CEOs who ignore the groundswell may be swept away in a secular explosion.

David A. Heenan October 1 1993

Jong-Hyon Chey

Interest-rate cuts; an emphasis on free and fair global trade; less government intervention; the privatization of state industries; support for [...]

Jonathan Burton October 1 1993

Peter Sontag

When Peter Sontag travels, he often hits the road on his Harley-Davidson motorcycle. But customers of his company, USTravel, the [...]

Jonathan Burton October 1 1993


PARADISE DEFERREDAs new president of Yale University, Richard C. Levin’s first action was to send this memorandum over the Yale [...]

Chief Executive October 1 1993

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