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True Value

If you ask a CEO to identify the primary target of his job, he might answer, “To make as much [...]

Robert W. Lear November 1 1992

The All-Weather Bond Portfolio

Tired of money market yields but afraid to relinquish security? One answer may be a diversified portfolio of government, municipal, and corporate bonds.

William N. Shielbler November 1 1992

Fearful Flyers

Some CEOs can’t wing it in planes. But courtesy of two airline companies, there’s hope for those who seek to cope.

Michael T. Harris November 1 1992

Global Villager

 THE TWILIGHT OF SOVEREIGNTYBy Walter B. VVriston, Charles Scribner & Sons, 208 pp., $25.Is it fair even to hope for [...]

Robert Bittlestone November 1 1992

Things Fall Apart

Bob: Elaine, guys, have a marvelous Thanksgiving and Christmas break.Olaf: Have you given any thought yet to 1993? Any New [...]

Robert Bittlestone November 1 1992

R&D As Investment In Learning

Research and development typically has aimed to generate innovation and products. But given the rapid pace of technological change in the 1990s, R&D must also be an ear to the wall of the scientific community.

Daniel Levinthal November 1 1992

Strategic Alliances: Overcoming Barriers To Success

Turf wars with partners and a lack of leadership can sabotage technology alliances. But collaborations consistent with corporatewide strategy can secure a true competitive advantage.

John F. Magee November 1 1992

Collaborating To Compete

Strategic technology alliances are crucial in global business today, but not all CEOs grasp the obstacles to a successful linkup. CE gathered leaders of the most common forms of partnership-R&D consortia; small, innovative firms teamed with technology giants; and cross-border partnerships among rivals-to explore how to use STAs for maximum competitive advantage.

Chief Executive November 1 1992

The Black Box Paradox

As the power of information technology increases, the ability of business to translate that power lags. But there is a way CEOs can get more benefit from “the backbox” without having to micro-manage the process.

Les Alberthal November 1 1992

Privatization In The CIS

Investments in the former Soviet Union are on the Hock at a discount to their true value. But U.S. firms, uneasy about the region’s volatility and a lack of financia data, remain on the sidelines. What will it take to lure them into the action?

Vladimir Scherbakov November 1 1992

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