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A RING FOR GEORGIA TECHTo the Editor:Atlanta‘s executive leadership is certainly to be applauded for winning-over intense competition-the city’s selection [...]

Chief Executive October 1 1992

Perestroika For The Potomac

Looking back at his record of failure in numerous campaigns for the 4  presidency, the socialist Norman Thomas remarked that [...]

Chief Executive October 1 1992

David Laventhol

As CEO of The Los Angeles Times, flagship of the $3.6 billion Times Mirror Company, David Laventhol has command of [...]

Peter Lacey October 1 1992

Why The Bad News Is Good

No matter how the presidential election turns out in November, it’s clear most people will come away from the polls [...]

Joe Queenan October 1 1992

John W. Rowe

In an age of complex, burgeoning environmental regulation, how to be clean and cost-effective? For John W. Rowe. president and [...]

Peter Lacey October 1 1992

Recombinant Strategies For Biotechnology

While keeping one eye turned behind to ward off Big-Brother pharmaceutical company bear hugs, CEOs are now evaluating inter-firm mergers, strategic partnering and cross-licensing agreements.

Chief Executive October 1 1992

The New Financial World Order

No longer penned behind national boundaries, capital now moves with the speed of light. Nonetheless, with the U.S. banking industry in turmoil and the heavy demands placed on the capital markets by Eastern Europe and the CIS, is there sufficient funding available to finance economic expansion?

Chief Executive October 1 1992

De-Fanging CEO Compensation

The assault on CEO compensation has been unrelenting. It has come from shareholders at annual meetings, from business publications, and [...]

Robert W. Lear October 1 1992

The Eighties-What Went Right?

RECKONING WITH REAGAN: AMERICA AND ITS PRESIDENT IN THE 1980s By Michael Schafer, S19.95, 208 pp., Oxford University Press.THE MYTH [...]

Jonathan H. Alder October 1 1992

Wisdom From Wharton: Tracking Pay For Performance

Are CEOs paid to run up the size of their companies and not to enhance performance and shareholder value? Media pundits say yes, but their research methods may be flawed.

David F. Larker And Richard G. Solan October 1 1992

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