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Privatization In The CIS

Investments in the former Soviet Union are on the Hock at a discount to their true value. But U.S. firms, uneasy about the region’s volatility and a lack of financia data, remain on the sidelines. What will it take to lure them into the action?

Vladimir Scherbakov November 1 1992

A Healthy Choice For Transition

Turnaround and acquisitions wizard Mike Harper took food leviathan ConAgra from poorhouse to penthouse. But new CEO Phil Fletcher, hamstrung by sagging brand loyalty and cutthroat price wars in frozen entrees, may find it hard to keep up the pace.

Chief Executive November 1 1992

The Stake In The Economy’s Heart

When the president and 103rd Congress get down to the serious business of setting an agenda for the coming year, [...]

Edwin J. Feulner November 1 1992


BELTWAY BARBIE In a year when all politicians fear for their jobs, Washington, D.C., has become a very uptight place.These [...]

Chief Executive November 1 1992

Lawrence R. Pugh

In a $6 billion “jeanswear” market bursting at the seams with manufacturers, VF Corp.’s Wrangler, Lee, Rustler, and Girbaud brands [...]

Peter Lacey October 1 1992

Ray Wild

In recent years, business schools have been under heavy fire for turning out MBAs ill-equipped to survive in the corporate [...]

Judith Rehak October 1 1992

Bill Hayden

In the best tradition of high-tech folklore, entrepreneur Bill Hayden launched CompuAdd Computer a decade ago with a $15 ad [...]

Judith Rehak October 1 1992


A RING FOR GEORGIA TECHTo the Editor:Atlanta‘s executive leadership is certainly to be applauded for winning-over intense competition-the city’s selection [...]

Chief Executive October 1 1992

Perestroika For The Potomac

Looking back at his record of failure in numerous campaigns for the 4  presidency, the socialist Norman Thomas remarked that [...]

Chief Executive October 1 1992

David Laventhol

As CEO of The Los Angeles Times, flagship of the $3.6 billion Times Mirror Company, David Laventhol has command of [...]

Peter Lacey October 1 1992

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