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GNP-GIVES NO POWERThe increasing spread of economic capability and interdependence makes it less likely than ever that anyone will be [...]

Chief Executive June 1 1990

Glaxo Goes It Alone

Today it costs on average $160 million to bring a new drug to market, up from $125 million lust three years ago. No wonder most pharmaceutical companies are scrambling to combine-most, but not all.

Chief Executive June 1 1990

Maurice G. Hardy

Only serious environmental incidents like the recent-and costly-Perrier debacle remind most of us of the crucial importance of the “fluid [...]

Peter Lacey June 1 1990

Environmental Munich

First apples; then oatmeal cookies; then Perrier: Is nothing sacred anymore? I ask this rhetorical question to illustrate a dangerous [...]

Edwin J. Feulner Green Business June 1 1990

Outsourcing The Mail Room

Do you really need to perform all those support services yourself?

Stanley Katz June 1 1990

Mads Oevlisen

I have the best job in Denmark,” says Mads Oevlisen, despite the fact that he shares the role of CEO.Oevlisen, [...]

Kaleel Sakakeeny June 1 1990

Robert H. Smith

Security Pacific Corporation already has operations in five western states, and plans to acquire an Idaho-based bank in 1990. Its [...]

Sheri Linden June 1 1990

What Does Excellence Mean Today?

The selection process for this year’s Chief Executive of the Year is drawing to its high point. By the time [...]

JP Donlon June 1 1990


Speak softly and carry a luxury briefcase

Chief Executive April 1 1990

How To Get Into Gear For 1992

What should a U.S. CEO make of these European developments? Will “1992″ change his industry, affect his markets? The answer, [...]

Sir Michael Butler April 1 1990

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