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This is director election season, so it’s an appropriate time to talk about how directors are being selected these days-and, [...]

Dinesh D' Souza April 1 1990


It is fashionable now to talk of the growing isolation of Britain‘s Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, particularly in her caution [...]

Chief Executive April 1 1990

Beyond 1992

With the single market edging nearer, CE gathered North American and European CEOs with experienced ministers-turned-businessmen to tap the Eurobarometer of trade developments.

Chief Executive April 1 1990

FORUM It’s Euro Move

Sit Geoffrey Howe, U.K. deputy prime minister, addressed American and European CEOs participating in Chief Executive ‘s Beyond 1992 roundtable [...]

JP Donlon April 1 1990

Nota Bena

CYRIL STEINYou can’t run a company by looking at a piece of paper while sitting in an ivory tower,” says [...]

Chief Executive April 1 1990


The Return Of The AutomatLabor shortages can mean investment gains.Remember the automat? In the first half of the century, Horn [...]

Chief Executive April 1 1990


Have you driven a fjord lately? An expedition of CEOs search for a squadron of fighter planes, 48 years lost, 100 feet below the Greenland Icecap.

Chief Executive April 1 1990

COMPETITION Why The FTA Will Reverse North America’s Course

Look beyond the trade numbers and it’s obvious North America is coming back. If you divide the industrialized world into [...]

Chief Executive April 1 1990

CEO AT LEISURE: The Chiefs Of Cha Cha

It doesn’t take much to get Arista records President Clive Davis bopping on the dance floor at a party. “He’ll [...]

Amiad Josef Finkelthal April 1 1990

Eastern Europhoria

JP Donlon April 1 1990

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