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A Budget Plan We Can’t Live Without

We’re only a couple of weeks away from choosing our nation’s next chief executive. That means we’re also within weeks [...]

Edwin J. Feulner October 1 1992

Integrating Man And Machine

Despite the billions spent on technology systems by business, CEOs are hard-pressed to show a payoff for their investment. In a survey of 475 CEOs, a pattern emerges revealing how market leaders integrate high-tech and human resources. Training is the key-even more than the technology itself.

Chief Executive October 1 1992

Josh S. Weston

We don’t go into any business unless we have as a silent marketing partner, a powerful third force,” says Josh [...]

Peter Lacey October 1 1992


PEPSI, PLEASE, BUT LOCK THE DOORIf a product is to be sold internationally, the brand name must be tested for [...]

Chief Executive October 1 1992


JP Donlon CEO of the Year July 1 1992

Seeing Green

A couple of weeks ago, I took my son Gordon to see the cows that safely graze on the grounds [...]

Joe Queenan July 1 1992


TAX TALKTo the Editor:I’m writing regarding your roundtable on Taxation and Growth, held in Washington this year (CE: June 1992).I [...]

Chief Executive July 1 1992

Primus Inter Pares

Choosing a Chief Executive of the Year is not easy, even for CEOs. Each year, we ask our CEO and [...]

JP Donlon July 1 1992

20/20 Vision Indecision

Bob: So it’s agreed then. We’ll give them 24 hours to get over their Labor Day hangover, then on September [...]

Robert Bittlestone July 1 1992

Gift It Or Lose It

Keeping assets out of Uncle Sam’s hands can be a taxing experience for some executives. One estate-planning strategy-a charitable remainder trust-sidesteps taxes and guarantees retirement income.

Carl Reichardt July 1 1992

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