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Who’s The Chairman?

I think I have the answer to the current quiz question being tossed out in corporate governance circles. “Who should [...]

Robert W Lear June 1 1992


BUILDING DEMOCRACYIn Albanian towns like Noj, The New York Times reports, peasants are sealing the end of communism by pulverizing [...]

Chief Executive June 1 1992

Rx For Health-Care Reform

Before the day is out, AT&T will spend about $3 million on employee health benefits. General Motors will spend some [...]

Edwin J. Feulner June 1 1992

Ink-Stained Retches

People who hate the media-basically, everybody-view the press as a monolithic colossus endowed with extraordinary powers for both good and [...]

Joe Queenan June 1 1992

No Man Friday Is An Island

Friday: B’wana, come quick, som’ting strange all washed up on de reef.Crusoe: Man Friday, how many times do I have [...]

Robert Bittlestone June 1 1992

Cold War Courage

THE SPY WHO SAVED THE WORLD By Jerrold L. Schecter and Peter S. Deriabin, `25 00 Chfirlp5Oleg Penkovsky, a colonel [...]

Theodore G. Shackley June 1 1992

Caution On Small-Cap Stocks

Despite a recent stumble, small-caps remain a popular, contrarian pick. Their smaller price tags enable investors to inexpensively compile a diverse portfolio.

Merry Sheils June 1 1992

The Next Paradigm?

CEO respondents to a Chief Executive survey outline the parameters of the 21 st-century corporation. On the horizon, CE readers see quality-driven businesses with innovative ways to deploy crucial human capital. But how do they stack up now?

Chief Executive June 1 1992

The Impact Of Managerial Layoffs

A wave of managerial layoffs in recent years has been attributed to the recession having cut a swath beyond the [...]

Peter Cappelli June 1 1992

Taxation And Growth

Traditionally, taxation has been the payment made to government for “servitude rendered,” but in a global economy, capital and knowledge move to wherever they are treated best. Some in government are beginning to understand this.

Chief Executive June 1 1992

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