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An Artistic Indulgence

 “I enjoy the experience of handling and reading a book that is superbly printed on great paper with the text [...]

Peter Lacey July 1 1992

LA Flawed

The burning and looting that followed the Rodney King verdict compounded the problems of a city already reeling from an exodus of manufacturers and lobs. But the riots may have sounded a wake-up call for a CEO community traditionally fragmented and apathetic about community issues.

Peter Lacey July 1 1992

Corporate Alignment In An Era Of Shareholder Power

In recent years, shareholders have consolidated their clout and pressed for a greater say in corporate governance. In response to proxy fights, hostile takeover offers, and quiet negotiations, many firms have cut costs, tightened their focus on core units, and dumped executive perks.

Michael Useem July 1 1992

Human Integrated Manufacturing

Automation has reshaped manufacturing operations, and quality programs are enhancing customer satisfaction. But the race to succeed in global markets of the 21 st century will go to companies that best integrate high-tech and human resources.

Chief Executive July 1 1992

Are You Ready for WCM?

Companies that use outmoded quality assurance techniques can find themselves swamped by customer defections. Coming to the rescue is world-class manufacturing, an approach that revamps strategies in R&D, purchasing, delivery, and inventory.

Edgar S. Brower July 1 1992

Building Brand Assets

The brand is the most important distinction between many products and services. But shoddy management and a short-term focus have eroded valuable franchises that build wealth and enable companies to price their products and services at a premium.

James M. Biggar And Elinor Selame July 1 1992

Tom Johnson

One day last August, Cable News Network President Tom Johnson was met by four Delta Air Lines officials upon his [...]

Russell Shaw July 1 1992

Alex Krauer

Ciba-Geigy Chairman Alex Krauer might be forgiven a little unabashed enthusiasm when describing his company’s performance and prospects. The diversified [...]

Joseph L. Mccarthy July 1 1992


IT’S A WACKY, WACKY WORLDWhen the news becomes too grim and depressing, as it is now, and public voices are [...]

Chief Executive July 1 1992

Afterthoughts On General Motors

Although it happened a couple of months ago, people are still talking about General Motors and John Smale and Robert [...]

Robert W. Lear July 1 1992

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