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The Next Paradigm?

CEO respondents to a Chief Executive survey outline the parameters of the 21 st-century corporation. On the horizon, CE readers see quality-driven businesses with innovative ways to deploy crucial human capital. But how do they stack up now?

Chief Executive June 1 1992

The Impact Of Managerial Layoffs

A wave of managerial layoffs in recent years has been attributed to the recession having cut a swath beyond the [...]

Peter Cappelli June 1 1992

Taxation And Growth

Traditionally, taxation has been the payment made to government for “servitude rendered,” but in a global economy, capital and knowledge move to wherever they are treated best. Some in government are beginning to understand this.

Chief Executive June 1 1992

Marketing U.S. Cosmetics in the CIS

CE last year introduced an American CEO to a Russian entrepreneur. The two joined forces to sell cosmetics in the Commonwealth of Independent States. The Hazel Bishop line, manufactured by a subsidiary of Continental Health Affiliates, is even sponsoring a beauty contest. Who will be the first queen of Russian Red Lipsticks?

Sergei Glushko And Robert M. Donnelly June 1 1992

Why I’m Cautious About Customer Service

Nearly every business is concerned about the quality of their customer service: The only way to succeed is to offer [...]

John Blasier And Joel J. Snyder June 1 1992

Tax Man

Hoping for deep tax cuts, simplification or reform to stimulate business activity? Given the widening gap between Congress and President Bush, don’t hold your breath. And don’t turn to Dan Rostenkowski, who says he’s more interested in slashing the deficit and balancing the budget.

Chief Executive June 1 1992

A CEO Copes With Chapter 11

What strikes fear into even the flintiest chief executive? Two possibilities: Having the board of directors withdraw its support and filing for Chapter 11. But horrors aside, running the bankruptcy gauntlet can actually be instructive.

Wayne E. Waldera June 1 1992

Environmentalist, Heal Thyself

HEALING THE PLANET: STRATEGIES FOR RESOLVING THE ENVIRONMENTAL CRISIS By Paul R. Erlich and Anne H. Erlich, Addison-Wesley, 366 pp., [...]

Ronald Bailey Green Business May 1 1992

Seven Deadly Sins Of Energy Waste

I ‘m going to stick my neck out by saying that businesses nationwide waste millions each year on water and [...]

Dan Waters May 1 1992

The 10 Percent Solution

Runaway health-care costs would not have fooled Vilfredo Pareto. If he were alive today, the 19th century Italian-Swiss economist and [...]

John Burry Jr. May 1 1992

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