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The Performance Puzzle

All firms aim for strong performance, but few worry about what comprises such performance. Perhaps they should. The current run [...]

Marshall W. Meyer April 1 1992

Getting To Team

After a decade of financial maneuvering and restructuring, a competitive advantage in the 1990s can only come from one untapped source: the workforce. CEOs are rethinking how to empower people with a shared vision of their businesses’ future. The trouble is that not enough CEOs are following through.

Chief Executive April 1 1992

High Cost, Lower Risk

Senior managers are using derivatives to guard against fluctuations in energy prices. But such instruments can also enhance a competitive position, protect revenues, or bolster planning abilities.

Andrew J. Hall April 1 1992

Blithe Spirits

Bucking declining North American demand for spirits, Guinness ranks as the world’s most profitable alcoholic drinks company. Having retaken control of its distribution networks, the company is pushing pricey, upscale brands in the hope of repositioning scotch as status. Interested in a $500 bottle?

JP Donlon April 1 1992

Hierarchical Pipedram

Bob: Well, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 1992 Strategic Executive Retreat of Intergroup Holdings Unlimited. It’s my particular pleasure [...]

Robert Bittlestone April 1 1992

Delight On Demand

Customer delight-the competitive edge of the 90s-depends on the timely delivery of products and services. Toward that end, one expedient may be to level demand’s peaks and valleys.

Dan Miller And Hal Mather April 1 1992

High-Tech Toolbox

Well into the information age, many chief executives are still reluctant to embrace computers. But those who have gone high-tech are reaping high yields

Ronald E. Compton And Mary Boone April 1 1992

Mario J. Antoci

In revamping once-troubled American savings Bank, Mario J. Antoci is tearing a page from a Hollywood script. The chief executive [...]

Joseph L. Mccarthy April 1 1992

Raymond Kurzweil

By most accounts, Raymond Kurzweil is a high-tech talent. The products of his company, Kurzweil Applied Intelligence, have enabled the [...]

Michael Sullivan-trainor April 1 1992


JERRY LEWIS WOULD BE PROUDThe French usually like to congratulate Americans who flail at the establishment back home, so here [...]

Chief Executive April 1 1992

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