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Paul G. Stern

When your competitors are telecommunications concerns AT&T, Alcatel, and Siemens, running with the pack is a tall order. But under [...]

Judith Rehak March 1 1992

David A. Olsen

David A. Olsen briefly considered a career in architecture during his college days, but it was a fair bet that he [...]

Judith Rehak March 1 1992


EDUCATING EDWINTo the Editor:Once again, Dr. Edwin J. Feulner has provided a myopic, one-sided perspective on a complicated problem and [...]

Chief Executive March 1 1992

The Distribution Decade

For firms that see a cloudy marketing future, the only way out of the murkiness is to look deeper into their distribution systems.

Nancy Drozdow March 1 1992

The New Germany

Some observers are touting Germany’s privatization plans in the eastern states as “the white sale of the century.” Western CEOs and German officials gathered at a forum cosponsored by CE and Dresdner Bank AG to discuss whether there are bargains remaining for the savvy investor.

Chief Executive March 1 1992

Should you List on a Foreign Exchange?

Democratization has been the volcano of current world affairs, changing the map of the world overnight. Next door to the [...]

Mary Jo Diekhaus March 1 1992

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

In 1975, Albert A. Thornbrough, president of Massey-Ferguson Ltd., startled the business world when he announced that he might move [...]

David A. Heenan March 1 1992

E.C, Phone Home

Europe, Inc., is here. In 1992, the 12-nation European Community comes into being. The EC along with the seven-nation European [...]

Rosario P. Romanelli March 1 1992

A Short Guide to Euromarketing

When our Denmark subsidiary asked us to review their newest advertisement, we were happy to do so. Upon seeing the [...]

Philippe Kahn March 1 1992

Raul Gardini

Raul Gardini, the flamboyant Italian business magnate and yachtsman, was for a time a captain without a crew. When a [...]

Rosalind Resnick March 1 1992

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