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Delight On Demand

Customer delight-the competitive edge of the 90s-depends on the timely delivery of products and services. Toward that end, one expedient may be to level demand’s peaks and valleys.

Dan Miller And Hal Mather April 1 1992

High-Tech Toolbox

Well into the information age, many chief executives are still reluctant to embrace computers. But those who have gone high-tech are reaping high yields

Ronald E. Compton And Mary Boone April 1 1992

Mario J. Antoci

In revamping once-troubled American savings Bank, Mario J. Antoci is tearing a page from a Hollywood script. The chief executive [...]

Joseph L. Mccarthy April 1 1992

Raymond Kurzweil

By most accounts, Raymond Kurzweil is a high-tech talent. The products of his company, Kurzweil Applied Intelligence, have enabled the [...]

Michael Sullivan-trainor April 1 1992


JERRY LEWIS WOULD BE PROUDThe French usually like to congratulate Americans who flail at the establishment back home, so here [...]

Chief Executive April 1 1992

Giving By Objective

For five years now, Capital Research Center of Washington, DC, has been putting heat on U.S. corporations merely by focusing [...]

Edwin J. Feulner April 1 1992

The Eyes Have It

Savvy investors know that the key to success in the stock market is not necessarily picking the individual stocks that [...]

Joe Queenan April 1 1992

Going, Going, Gone

A CEO friend of mine not long ago postulated, “Nothing is sacred anymore!” He was referring to a recent article [...]

Robert W. Lear April 1 1992

In From The Cold

At the World Economic Forum, Oleg Kalugin was listed as a Deputy of the Russian Parliament, a post he held [...]

JP Donlon April 1 1992


CEO PAY: THE ICEBERG EFFECTTo the Editor:The exchange of viewpoints in the compensation roundtable [" CEOs Can Resolve The Row [...]

Chief Executive April 1 1992

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