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Dean R. O’Hare

On Kentucky Derby Day, I take a deep breath if none of the horses have died on the track,” says [...]

Judith Rehak January 1 1992


HARVARD’S NEW COLORSThis announcement from the Harvard Divinity School’s Recycling Coordinator appeared in a recent issue of The Nave, the [...]

Chief Executive January 1 1992

Take The Fast Boat To China

A year ago, after returning from a business trip to the Orient, I wrote a column for this magazine that [...]

Robert W. Lear January 1 1992

Slouching Towards The New Order

An optimist is one who thinks this is the best of all possible worlds while the pessimist fears that this [...]

JP Donlon January 1 1992

Pining For The Eighties

One of the most successful entrepreneurial ventures of the 1980s were “fantasy” baseball weekends: mini spring-training camps set up in [...]

Joe Queenan January 1 1992

The Duality Principle

Last summer, John Akers, CEO of IBM (the world’s largest computer company), was unexpectedly covered in The Wall Street Journal [...]

Donald. N. Frey January 1 1992

CEOs Can Resolve The Row Over CEO Pay

But do they want to? The issue,” of course, is not absolute pay but setting pay in relation to performance and how to accomplish this beyond lip service. In the following at times heated exchange-few subjects draw blood quicker-among CEOs, CalPERS, directors, and compensation experts, most agree on the danger signals. How best to tie pay to shareholders’ fortunes defies simple technique.

Chief Executive January 1 1992

Will The Alliance Bear Fruit?

When Ronald Reagan opined that we may witness the Apocalypse in our lifetimes, he might not have been entirely off [...]

Chief Executive January 1 1992

So Serious : So Silly

When you consider the deadpan seriousness with which most Washington politicos approach their jobs-Yes, they really do think they are [...]

Edwin J. Feulner January 1 1992


Your will is done. Chief Executive readers have nominated and a distinguished committed of peers– all of them current or [...]

JP Donlon CEO of the Year July 1 1991

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