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Linnet Deily

When Linnet Deily took over as president and chief operating officer at First Interstate Bank of Texas three years ago, [...]

Michael T Harris March 1 1992

Don Cash

Stuck in the mud with a mature company and a slow-growth scenario? An acquisition might be one route back to [...]

Michael T Harris March 1 1992

Joseph Dionne

By some accounts, McGraw-Hill CEO Joseph L. Dionne is under the gun. Sluggish earnings have sparked persistent rumors the diversified [...]

Gary M. Stern March 1 1992

Enemy Action

Olaf: Bob, I’ve called this brainstorming meeting between you, our CEO; Kevin, our CIO; and Harry, our CFO, to brief [...]

Robert Bittlestone January 30 1992

Jillelikann Barad

Barbie is the material girl par excellence, the original mall rat. Introduced by Mattel at the Toy Fair in 1959 [...]

Michael T Harris January 17 1992

Bold Thinking In CEO Pay

Boards of directors are discovering that CEOs must think and act like owners if they intend to win. Here are five ways to build partnerships with shareholders.

David R. Meredith January 1 1992

Russia After The Coup

A reformer, Dr. Leonid Abalkin, director of the Soviet Academy of Science’s Institute of Economics, and economic adviser to former [...]

Thomas E. Keller January 1 1992

Madmen in Authority

Moderator: Ladies and gentlemen, good evening and welcome to this very special TV panel discussion between three of our most [...]

Robert Bittlestone January 1 1992

Pentirban Cowboy

THE NEW CORPORATE FRONTIER: THE BIG TOWN MOVE TO SMALL TOWN U.S.A. By David Heenan, McGraw-Hill, 262 pp., S19.95.It had [...]

Joe Queenan January 1 1992

Play To Win

Even when they battle the competition for fun, CEOs don’t like finishing second.

William F. Stasior January 1 1992

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