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Can Health Care Costs Be Cured?

Yes, to the degree that business institutes some form of managed care where employees pay a share of costs and are offered incentives for buying health care more wisely. Our roundtable participants also suggest that a regional approach to restructuring how care is dispensed can halt health care inflation dead in its tracks. The question is why do CEOs, despite their training and experience, often fail to consider a business solution to their company’s health care pains?

Chief Executive June 1 1990

Parting the Curtains

One of the best ways to sense the reality of “globality” is to be there when it begins to happen.Last [...]

Robert W. Lear June 1 1990

Newton In Drag

When Evelyn Fox Keller studied molecular biology in graduate school in the mid-1960s, she believed that science could discover truths [...]

Chief Executive June 1 1990

Claude Bebear

Claude Bebear launched what could have become the biggest ever French business acquisition in the U.S. In July 1989, Bebear, [...]

Peter Lacey June 1 1990

Suite Dreams

When a single room won’t do, try a suite with a robotic chambermaid.

Amaid Josef Finkelthal June 1 1990

What’s In A Name?

CONFESSIONS OF AN S.O.B. Al Neuharth, Doubleday, 361 pp. $18.95.That’s the question this book poses to me. If one accepts [...]

Jay W. Lorsch June 1 1990

Is The California Land Rush On Again?

Despite the earthquake that tumbled prices in the East, California real estate-faults and all-is on the rebound.

Michael T. Harris June 1 1990

Under The Knife

A 50/50 sharing of costs would make employers careful shoppers for their health insurance and employees careful shoppers for their medical care.

Rita Ricardo-campbell June 1 1990

Executive Quirks II

Four years ago CE collected a random sampling of idiosyncrasies about CEOs. In this, our second look at this phenomenon, we find that some CEOs are, indeed, getting quirkier.

Amaid Josef Finkelthal June 1 1990


Gringo bashing may be on the wane in restructured South American economies. But the link between billionaire cocaine barons and leftist guerrillas means that multinational executives still face deadly competition.

Theodore G. Shackley And R.A. Finney And R.L. Oat June 1 1990

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