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Nice Guys Get Things Done Too

So the Commerce Department (or DARPA for that matter) won’t become a U.S.-style MITI or ersatz venture capitalist after all. But under Robert Mosbacher it is becoming a facilitator and market opener. Do nice guys win policy disputes?

Chief Executive June 1 1990

Top Management’s Selling Role

In the competitive decade of the 1990s, when customers are “partnering” with fewer suppliers and expecting better quality and service, CEOs may be forced to brush up on their selling skills.

Roy Serpa And Donald W. Jackson June 1 1990

How Much, Where, And Why

In the following international CEO compensation survey, two major trends stand out: The pay gap between U.S. and non-U.S. CEOs is narrowing; and the restructuring and increased foreign ownership of U.S. firms is introducing a dose of reality into the compensation process.

Brain Dunn And James E. Keilley June 1 1990


GNP-GIVES NO POWERThe increasing spread of economic capability and interdependence makes it less likely than ever that anyone will be [...]

Chief Executive June 1 1990

Glaxo Goes It Alone

Today it costs on average $160 million to bring a new drug to market, up from $125 million lust three years ago. No wonder most pharmaceutical companies are scrambling to combine-most, but not all.

Chief Executive June 1 1990

Maurice G. Hardy

Only serious environmental incidents like the recent-and costly-Perrier debacle remind most of us of the crucial importance of the “fluid [...]

Peter Lacey June 1 1990

Environmental Munich

First apples; then oatmeal cookies; then Perrier: Is nothing sacred anymore? I ask this rhetorical question to illustrate a dangerous [...]

Edwin J. Feulner Green Business June 1 1990

Outsourcing The Mail Room

Do you really need to perform all those support services yourself?

Stanley Katz June 1 1990

Mads Oevlisen

I have the best job in Denmark,” says Mads Oevlisen, despite the fact that he shares the role of CEO.Oevlisen, [...]

Kaleel Sakakeeny June 1 1990

Robert H. Smith

Security Pacific Corporation already has operations in five western states, and plans to acquire an Idaho-based bank in 1990. Its [...]

Sheri Linden June 1 1990

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