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Knowledge of management activities is the best indicator of whether to buy or sell.

Johb S. Sturges November 1 1989


It’s possible that even Ken doesn’t love Barbie as much as John W. Amerman does. The 57-year-old chairman and CEO [...]

John W. Amerman November 1 1989


MISCELLANY IMAGINE, INDEEDOne thing that Bush and Reagan clearly have in common is that both have been sold short by [...]

Chief Executive November 1 1989


To the Editor:In “The Information Edge,” by Alexander D. Jacobson, chairman and CEO of Inference Corp. (March/April 1989), the author [...]

Chief Executive November 1 1989

Brazil’s Next President May Be A Free Market Populist

Politically inexperienced but charismatic and wealthy, Fernando Collor de Mello is the odds-on favorite for Brazil’s presidential election on November 15. Although his economic ideas are often unformed or contradictory, he’s keenly aware that the country’s attempts to control the economy have been a disaster.

Clare Bower November 1 1989

Dese, Doms And Diors

France’s Bernard Arnault has built the LVMH empire in the style of our own leading corporate raiders. Plus ca change…

John Carson-parker November 1 1989


Quality is not enough; you have to be quick

Richard D. Stewart November 1 1989


Microcosm is an unusual text containing nuggets of pure gold under tons of overburden. Author George Gilder gets brownie points [...]

Lawrence G And Blackmon November 1 1989

Speak To Me, Janet

In an era when responsiveness to market needs defines one’s competitiveness, what’s a handy tool for slashing turnaround time? How about computers that respond to voice command?

Chief Executive November 1 1989

The Next Dimension Of Market Dominance

When cost and quality are commodities, response time to customer needs becomes the only competitive advantage. In the following roundtable, CEOs discuss what it takes to become a time-based competitor.

Chief Executive November 1 1989

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