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I’ve Got A Little List

Chief Executive May 1 1989


The Social Contract Is ThreatenedIn 1622, the Pilgrims established the Plymouth Colony as the first settlement in the new world. [...]

Donald N Frey May 1 1989

The Absolute Best Takeover Defense

Using leveraged options and “offset carry” plans as a basis for CEO pay, companies have the means to pay for performance, and to become unattractive takeover prospects.

David R. Meredith May 1 1989


One of the popular perceptions going around these days is that the companies being created through LBOs/spin-offs, are much better [...]

Robert W. Lear May 1 1989



Chief Executive May 1 1989


The corporate jet set takes off… in more ways than one

Ami Finkelthal May 1 1989

Why Joint Ventures Die So Quickly

CEOs enter into joint ventures for many reasons, but the most common motives are fear, profit ,€ž and learning.

Bruce Kogut May 1 1989

Watch My Dust

The self-styled pioneer of the Baby Bells, U S WEST has had to swallow as much dust as it has kicked up. Unfazed, CEO Jack MacAllister is heading to a different part of the range-gateways, ISDN, and offshore cable TV franchises.

Chief Executive May 1 1989


Talk about “stakeholders” versus shareholders is beside the point. CEOs are slowly discovering that politicians, through their surrogates-the public pension systems-are holding major positions and itching to tell boards how to run things.

Chief Executive May 1 1989

Plan Now For Europe 1992

When in doubt, think European

Marshall D. Butler May 1 1989

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