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Beat The “Success” Tax

The new 15 percent excise tax affecting retirement plans calls for difficult decisions now to avoid unnecessary taxes in the future.

David L. Buchholz March 1 1989

Empowering Employees

Long a technological leader in the steel industry, Nucor is employing a commercially untested process which may catapult the $1 billion “mini-mill” into becoming the seventh largest U.S. steelmaker. Its real secret weapon, however, isn’t the technology.

Chief Executive March 1 1989

Nota Bene

RICHARD A. CLARKEFree at last!” exclaimed Pacific Gas and Electric‘s CEO Richard A. Clarke last October. The nation’s biggest public [...]

Chief Executive March 1 1989

Coping With Legal Uncertainty In Business Decisions

In moving towards vague standards where ideals of “fairness” and “good faith” merge with rules of liability, even ethical decisions are not immune to the legal process. There are ways to minimize risk, however.

G. Richard Shell March 1 1989

$100 Billion More Or Less

There is good reason to predict that by the year 2010 the United States and the European Economic Community will [...]

Murray Weidenbaum March 1 1989

What’s a ceo worth?

COMPENSATION CONUNDRUMIn the September/October issue of Chief Executive, an article titled ‘What’s a CEO Worth” by David Meredith, Chairman and [...]

Chief Executive March 1 1989

Occident Express

Private railroad charters offer more than mere transport. Even J.P. Morgan and Jay Gould didn’t have fax machines on their Zephyrs.

Richard Maturi March 1 1989

Orient Express

Although it relies on modern-day techno ogy, it still retains the mystery and elegance of its 19th century fame.

Loyd Grossman March 1 1989

The Greenhouse Constituency

A speculative explanation for a slight warming is being given the status of a verified scientific theory.

Peter Beckmann March 1 1989

Pay For Performance

It’s getting to be that time of year again. The first blossoming of proxy statements is already out, revealing new [...]

Robert W. Lear March 1 1989

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