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1992 And All That

If 12 national markets are to be transformed into a single, internal market by the end of 1992, it’ll be a Euro-miracle. This is exactly what the EC’s Lord Cockfield is determined to see happen.

Chief Executive September 1 1988

You’re In The Muni

And your portfolio can have what it takes to get along.

Harold Evensky September 1 1988


CIVILIZED FUNThe happiest people, generally, are the presidents of corporations, according to Morehouse. “They work the longest hours, but what [...]

Chief Executive September 1 1988

The Tradition Continues

Last July our readers’ wishes were realized when CE officially inaugurated Bill Marriott of the Marriott Corporation as 1988′s Chief [...]

JP Donlon September 1 1988

The Quantum Economy

As we approach the 21st century, we are entering the quantum era of economics and technology. Quantum physics is a [...]

George Gilder September 1 1988

The Best Single Malt Whiskies

Why blend in with the crowd?A guide to the distinctive flavors of Scotland’s best single malt whiskies.

Philp Morrice September 1 1988

Guerilla Warfare In The Technology Jungle

In order to win the war, you must pass basic training in computer literacy.

Eric E. Vogt September 1 1988

Does Information Technology Support Corporate Goals?

Do you ask yourself, “For all the money we plow into IT, are we getting a competitive edge,” and find you don’t know the answer? You’re not alone.

Chief Executive September 1 1988

Where The Twain Meet

As far as most CEOs are concerned, there has been no such thing as a purely domestic decision made for [...]

Robert W. Lear September 1 1988


HEALTH CARESTo the Editor:I read the roundtable discussion in the January/February 1988 issue of Chief Executive with interest. There is [...]

Chief Executive September 1 1988

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