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The 1969 Moon Landing: A Chief Executive’s Greatest Impact on History

One president’s vision, and one chief executive’s leadership and execution, brought together an entire nation and an organization to accomplish one of the greatest achievements in modern history.

Colin D. Baird Leadership & Strategy August 1 2014

War and Other Crises: How Companies Can Build a Culture of Safety and Prevention

With Malaysian Air Flight 17 being shot down over the Ukraine and rockets being launched in the direction of Israel’s Ben-Gurion Airport, airlines are rethinking their safety policies. Should companies be doing the same?

Brian Fielkow Leadership & Strategy August 1 2014

White House Nudges Large Firms to Speed Up Payments to Small Vendors

Small to mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) are getting some help on an critical issue from a pivotal source: the White House. President Obama is coming to the aid of the legions of small business owners who have become frustrated over the last several years by the increasing tendency of large and even blue-chip corporations to slow down payments to their suppliers.

Dale Buss Daily Best of the Web August 1 2014

Recent McDonald’s Ruling Could Upend U.S. Franchising System

McDonald’s was the immediate target of a stunning pro-labor ruling last week by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). However, the decision—in which the NLRB determined that McDonald’s could be held equally liable as its franchisees in labor disputes—has massive consequences for all franchise-based companies.

Dale Buss Daily Best of the Web August 1 2014

Edelman China’s CEO Missing From Work

Steven Cao is out of contact as he ‘cooperates’ with Chinese authorities’ investigation. CEOs in the News July 31 2014

RealNetworks Appoints Rob Glaser CEO

RealNetworks, Inc. (NASDAQ: RNWK) announced that Rob Glaser—who founded the company in 1994—has been appointed permanent CEO of the global digital media technology company. CEOs in the News July 31 2014

CEOs With Wider Faces Are More Successful, Research Shows

Leadership Journal study finds that male CEOs with wider faces are better negotiators and are more successful in their lives. Daily Best of the Web July 31 2014

Encore Wire CEO Announces $30M Texas Expansion

Following in the footsteps of Kohls, Toyota and several other organizations that have either moved to Texas or expanded their operations there, Encore Wire Corporation President and CEO Daniel Jones announced that the company, which is celebrating 25 years in the McKinney, Texas community, will invest more than $30 million to expand its manufacturing facilities and provide more than 125 new jobs in the Texas town.

Lynn Russo Whylly Daily Best of the Web , Manufacturing July 30 2014

United Airlines, Amex Travel CEOs Open Global Business Travel Convention

United Airlines Chief Executive Slams U.S. government for heavy taxes and fees that make it difficult to compete with airlines based in the Middle East. CEOs in the News July 30 2014

Greyson International Appoints Prasad CEO

Cosmetics and OTC technology firm Greyson International (Coconut Grove, Fla.) announced the appointment of Chaudhury Mukesh Prasad as interim chairman and CEO in the wake of the sudden death of CEO Harvey Tauman. CEOs in the News July 29 2014

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