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CEO Daily Brief – Oct. 19, 2010

Tribune Board May Oust Chief Executive: Report Tribune Company CEO Randy Michaels may be on the way out. The board …

Tribune Board May Oust Chief Executive: Report

Tribune Company CEO Randy Michaels may be on the way out. The board of directors of the Tribune Company is expected to ask Tuesday for the resignation of controversial Michaels, an unnamed source told the rival New York Times.

The Times said the board had lost confidence in the ability of Michaels to lead the troubled company. Michael’s resignation would follow the recent exit of another top executive at the media company, Lee Abrams, Tribune’s chief innovation officer, who resigned on Friday after sending a sexually explicit memo to the entire company.

When and if Tribune emerges from bankruptcy, it will apparently proceed with new management. Michaels, who came to the company with a broad mandate for change, alienated many of the company’s employees and some of its advertisers with a nontraditional approach, including many tactics borrowed from radio. For more details from The New York Times, please click here.

German Exports to Grow Fastest in a Decade as 1 Trillion-Euro Level Nears

German exports will rise at the fastest pace in a decade this year and exceed the 1 trillion- euro (US$1.4 trillion) level for the first time in 2011, fueled by demand for cars and machinery from outside of Europe, the BGA federation said.

Exports will grow about 16 percent, boosting the value of goods and services sold abroad in 2010 to 937 billion euros, the Berlin-based group said today, revising an August forecast of about 10 percent. Exports will climb about 7 percent next year, the federation said. To read more from Bloomberg News, please click here.

Why Companies Keep Pay a Secret

In America, money is the last conversational taboo. That’s probably a good thing for workplace morale. A new study by researchers at the University of California at Berkeley and Princeton University suggests that if all of our salaries were made known tomorrow, half of us would be made miserable and the other half would be made no happier. That’s more or less what happened at the University of California. To read more from SmartMoney, please click here.

Military Skill Sets Lead to CEO, Organizational Success

What value does the military have for an organization? World class, combat honed, and expansive skill sets in strategic planning, wargaming (competitor-on-competitor role play), competitive intelligence, leader development, rigorous standard enforcement, and innovation in execution are only a few of the cutting edge managerial skill sets that the military brings. Additionally, military veteran-to-CEO success stories such as Ken Hicks (Foot Locker), Bob McDonald (P&G), John Meyer (Acxiom), and Dave Grange (PPD) all credit military ethical foundations, decision making skills, practical leadership, and teamwork, and the focus of life-or-death situations that quickly developed them into decisive leaders focused on excellence, execution, and best-in-class performance. For details from the Harvard Business Review, please click here.

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