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CEO of the Year Selection Committee, Roundtable and Luncheon

Since its inception in 1986 the Chief Executive of the Year Award has been a peer-nominated, and per-driven honor. Each …

Since its inception in 1986 the Chief Executive of the Year Award has been a peer-nominated, and per-driven honor. Each year CE solicits nominations from readers and CEOs generally. (Only nominations from CEOs, presidents, chairmen, vice chairmen, CFOs or board directors are considered.) Readers and CEOs are asked to identify a business leader who has excelled in any of 10 areas of performance.  In addition, the person should  be considered a beacon of excellence to others.  All candidates must be in a position to retain their CEO title at the time the award is bestowed and ideally have been CEO for at least five years.

The 10 most frequently nominated persons are considered finalists.  Each finalist is asked to agree to two—very modest—conditions before he or she can be considered an active finalist.  Each must agree, if selected by his peers,  to receive the award in person at a date and time mutually convenient with the outgoing CE of the Year.  Secondly, he must agree to be interviewed for a cover feature in CE.

The names of active finalists together with background data on each are submitted to the selection committee made up of present and sometimes former CEOs.  (The names of each year’s committee members are listed in the second masthead of each issue.) Early in the calendar year the selection committee meets to discuss the criteria to be applied and makes its ultimate selection. Chief Executive has no vote in the outcome and accepts the decision of the judges as final.

Sometime during the period from middle of June to end of July, CE hosts a gala celebratory dinner for the incoming Chief Executive of the Year where the outgoing honoree delivers an accolade on behalf of the CEOs who made the selection.  In the early years this was traditionally held at the Metropolitan Club.  In more recent years this has been held at the NYSE.

Previous CEO of the Year Honors


2008 Anne Mulcahy

2007 Bob Ulrich

2006 A.G.Lafley

2005 George David

2004 Fred Smith

2003 Maurice R. Greenberg

2002 Sanford I. Weill

2001 Michael Dell

2000 John T. Chambers

1999 Herbert D. Kelleher

1998 Lawrence A. Bossidy

1997 Andrew S. Grove

1996 Roberto C. Goizueta

1995 David D. Glass

1994 William H. Gates III

1993 John F. Welch, Jr.

1992 P. Roy Vagelos, PhD.,

1991 Wayne Calloway

1990 Anthony J. F. O’Reilly

1989 Donald E. Petersen

1988 J. Willard Marriott, Jr.,

1987 Charles F. Knight

1986 Roger Smith

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