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CEO Positions of the Week – 8/11/14

Ready for your next big career move? These companies are looking for experienced CEOs.

CEO | Bloomington, Ind.

Create, communicate, and activate a vision for the organization

  • Work with the management team to develop a multi-year strategic plan that moves the company toward the vision
  • Demonstrate a set of organizational values and behaviors that empowers team members to perform at the highest level
  • In cooperation with team members, identify, analyze, understand and build strategies to penetrate new markets, upon approval of the Board of Directors
  • In cooperation with team members, identify, evaluate, and negotiate with sources of financial support
  • Review the annual business plan and budget as prepared by the President and the management team
  • Provide team members with opportunities for professional growth
  • Solicit advice and guidance, when appropriate from the Board of Directors
  • Report regularly on critical activities and plans to the Board of Directors
  • Review and evaluate monthly financial reports from the management team
  • Review the business model of the company regularly
  • Work with organizational creditors to insure reasonable terms and conditions
  • Represent the company at industry meetings and with customers and suppliers
  • Work with management team members to develop and position in-house brands in the market
  • Identify, analyze and implement ways to improve return on assets in the company
  • Actively encourage and promote an ESOP culture
  • Travel nationally and internationally, meeting with current suppliers and potential new suppliers


Possesses at least 10 years of experience in a senior management role (director level and above) in a mid-market (at least $20 million in revenue) or larger company and, preferably, hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Finance, or associated field

  • Demonstrate the ability to construct, analyze and interpret financial information
  • Be an effective and articulate communicator
  • Have a sound understanding of sales and customer service
  • Possess the ability to interpret and forecast sales trends

Source: http://bit.ly/1owMAnM


CEO | Chemily, LLC | Atlanta, Ga.

Chemily, LLC is a research, development and consulting company located in downtown Atlanta, Ga; focused on cost-effective synthesis of glycan libraries, carbohydrate-based biochemicals, reagents, pharmaceuticals, and glycoanalysis. Chemily, LLC is a fast growing new start-up company with a very attractive portfolio of new technology in glycoanalysis and glyco-conjugate systems, currently supported by NCI SBIR grant.

We are seeking a highly motivated and experienced industry leader to move the company to the next level. The ideal candidate should be an entrepreneur with very strong leadership experience in biotechnology industry. Candidate will be expected to contribute to the company research planning.


  • A PhD, MBA or other advanced degree(s) plus a minimum 3 years of relevant executive level experience related to biotechnology industry.
  • Evidence of significant contribution to successful large scientific initiative and/or entrepreneurial activities.
  • Demonstrated success with fundraising, revenue generation, or grantsmanship.
  • Evidence of scholarly accomplishments such as refereed publications, and technical reports.
  • Experience with strategic planning and long-range project coordination.
  • Demonstrated communication ability, including both written and verbal presentation skills.
  • Highly motivated individual with demonstrated ability to coordinate multiple projects in an organized and efficient manner.
  • Experience working closely and independently with administrators of institutions and/or leaders of science programs, organizations or initiatives on a local national and/or international scale.
  • Experience in identifying and securing funds from diverse sources such as foundations, private and corporate donors.
  • Strong organizational and project management skills within and across institutions as demonstrated by work experience.
  • Familiarity with social media and its effective use.

Source: http://bit.ly/1sF8FGG


CEO | First Creative Capital | Entertainment/Media | New York, NY

First Creative Capital is looking for “C” level CEO candidates from the commercial/merchant or investment banking community to be considered for our intellectual property advisory company. Principals and executives from other non-bank financial services institutions including media or hedge funds, financial advisory or management companies would also be considered. Strong banking experience as a standing CEO with bottom line responsibility for running a financial institution with assets of approximately $1 Billion for at least 4-5 years is requested. Seasoned experience raising capital is required. The candidate should have excellent credit and risk assessment experience, with a working understanding of the financial issues pertaining to our defined target community of companies and individual that produce and monetize intellectual property assets.

In the alternative, the candidate should have a long-standing career as a principal, or senior financial executive working within the entertainment, media, publishing, advertising, or design industries where intellectual properties in the form of patents, copyrights, trademarks, brand equity, and royalty/licensing revenues have been the core revenue sources from the business activities of the company.

Our feeling is that while preferred, it will be harder to find candidates with deep commercial banking and IP experience in one person. Since we have an excellent team of IP experts developing, we would be comfortable to identify someone with excellent commercial or merchant banking experience who is an “open architecture” executive, able to listen to, learn from and work with First Creative Capital’s IP experts.

Our core challenge is to build a first rate, highly credentialed advisory management team with the right balance between commercial financial services expertise able to work seamlessly with our Intellectual Property professionals.

Other CEO candidate characteristics:

  • We are looking for a consensus builder.
  • Excellent experience supervising compliance and Federal regulator relationships.
  • Hands-on, day-to-day operational knowledge with strong recruiting and management building experience without having to rely on executive search firms and be able to attract first-rate bankers and managers from existing financial institutions, and financial leaders from creative community businesses.
  • Good strategic understanding of branch/office roll-out planning and execution.
  • Excellent connections with the New York business, cultural and social philanthropic community.
  • Comfortable with handling high profile and celebrity individuals.
  • We are not looking for a commercial community banker in the traditional geographic sense.  First Creative offers a nationwide platform of advisory services to the demographic community of creative companies and individuals.

Source: http://bit.ly/1wzKY1s


CEO | Energy Industry | Ft. Worth, TX

Highly successful energy service company is seeking a CEO. The candidate will be responsible for developing a strategic plan to advance the company’s mission and objectives, promote revenue, profitability and growth as an organization.


  • Develop plans to promote and generate revenue, create new business opportunities and and maintain company competitiveness in the market.
  • Work as part of executive team to prepare the company for facility, equipment, and labor expansion.
  • Establish operating budget and conduct annual planning process.
  • Identify acquisition and merger opportunities and direct implementation activities.
  • Review financial statements to determine progress and status in attaining company objectives.
  • Ensure compliance with industry regulations as well as, federal and state regulations regarding operations.
  • Guide managers on processes leading to critical review of business model, refocusing target markets and implement best practices related to service delivery and administration.


  • Bachelors Degree in Engineering, Finance or Business. MBA a plus.
  • Minimum of 15 years senior management experience in an oilfield or industrial service company, and/or equipment rental company.
  • Must have strong P&L experience and financial acumen.
  • Must possess strong management skills and the ability to prioritize and handle multiple tasks and projects concurrently.
  • Experience managing multiple locations and branch operations.
  • Ability to maintain confidential information.

Source: http://bit.ly/1mty7Ju


CEO | Sonic Healthcare | Austin, TX

We’re one of the nation’s largest laboratory medicine companies and aspire to help people live better, healthier lives. Delivering the highest quality laboratory services through our unique Medical Leadership model and federated management structure is our primary focus.

Sonic Healthcare USA is a subsidiary of Sonic Healthcare Limited, a global medical laboratory company with extensive laboratory operations in Australia and Europe.

For more information, visit www.sonichealthcareusa.com  and www.sonichealthcare.com .


The CEO will be a business partner to the Company’s board and senior management team and will lead the team in their pursuit of:

  • Growing the business
  • Fostering Sonic’s Medical Leadership model
  • Reinforcing Sonic Healthcare’s strong culture and values
  • Sustaining the Company’s vision and mission
  • Respecting Sonic’s people
  • Implementing key business initiatives.

You will interface with external stakeholders and will provide leadership to functional teams through direct and indirect influence.


Qualified candidates will demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • Exceptional leadership in medicine and business – M.D., Pathologist and/or proven business leader with commercial laboratory medicine experience
  • Understanding of the unique nuances of healthcare and the U.S. laboratory industry
  • Integrity, constructive energy, and  emotional intelligence

Source: http://bit.ly/1sFenr4

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