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Keeping Tabs on Top CEOs Through CEO1000 Tracker
Data plays a growing role in decision-making, with CEOs looking for hard information that can help them allocate investments, understand customers and shape strategy.

Now, a new research-based tool, the CEO1000 Tracker, applies the data-driven approach to another subject—CEOs themselves.

The Tracker, a joint partnership between Chief Executive Group and RHR International, brings together information about CEOs at the largest public and private companies—their education, work history, salary, etc. It also includes data about their companies, such as revenue, share price and profit history.

Where are the Women CEOs?

There are many fewer women CEOs than male CEOs in the top 1,000 companies (public and private), but there are interesting trends we can distinguish about where women CEOs gravitate and where they do best.

Disney: Staying the Course, for Now

The CEO1000 Tracker shows that 50 CEOs left their jobs in the first quarter of 2017. But one top executive decided to stay put: Disney’s Robert Iger.

Key Trends Among the Top 1000 CEOs

CEOs of the 1,000 largest companies (by revenue) vary by many factors. Here are seven of the top key trends.

Successful Chief Executive Transitions ~ Part 1: Capturing Opportunities, Minimizing Risks

Integrating a CEO into a new position and into the company is something that should be well planned and should be a group effort.