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CEOs Expect GOP to Regain Control of House

CEOs See Positive Impact on Hiring and Economy

CEOs expect the Republican’s to gain control of the House in the upcoming elections, but fall short in gaining control of the Senate.  Most CEOs believe the paralysis of a split in Congress will be good for the economy – and job creation.


In a recent survey of 212 CEOs conducted by Chief Executive, 81.6% of CEOs stated they believe the Republican’s will regain control of the House, while only 42.9% believe the Republicans will regain control of the Senate.  A split in Congress may offer the best outcome, according to some CEOs, “If Republicans win the House this will have a positive impact on the economy.  If Democrats loose a couple of seats in the Senate and do not have 60 votes, this too, will have a positive impact on the economy.


CEOs see the split in Congress as having a positive impact on the economy.  One CEO commented, “The best scenario would be a Republican House and deadlock in the Senate.  At least if they are paralyzed they can’t do more damage.”   This sentiment was echoed by other CEOs, “With no diplomats left in the Congress, we just need a close to even split to create gridlock. If they can’t do anything, at least they can’t hurt us, and we can move forward with some certainty that the rules won’t change.”


While most business leaders welcome a check on the current administration, a vocal minority views the Republicans with caution, suggesting they are on probation pending actions that, should they gain control of either House or Senate, would reduce spending and the tide of regulatory overreach. “Both parties have failed the American public hence giving rise to the Tea Party, “ observes Dan Hanlon of Union Hill Ventures in St. Paul, MN. “Whichever Americans get elected, may they see beyond party lines and remember the constitution, seek a diminished government role in our lives, and we the people want to retain control of our country.”


Charles Kreitzberg, CEO, Cognetics Interactive summarized, “At the end of the day, we are a consumer-driven economy. If people do not have jobs they will not spend and our revenues will decline.”


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