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CEOs This Week

 CEOs This Week American Airlines CEO: “We Are in a Tough Fight in New York Market”: “It is hard to overstate the …


CEOs This Week


American Airlines CEO: “We Are in a Tough Fight in New York Market”: “It is hard to overstate the importance of the New York region to our future success,” Gerard Arpey, CEO of American Airlines, said in a letter to American Airlines employees following  announcement of a major investment in building AA’s presence in New York. “It is one of the world’s top business and tourist destinations and – with nearly 80 million passengers enplaned there last year – the largest air travel market in the United States.

“Moreover, as a gateway between the United States and the rest of the world,” he continued, “New York plays a pivotal role in our global network. It is also one of the most competitive airline markets in the world. Right now, on a departure basis, we are the third largest player in the area – after Continental and Delta, both of whom have been moving aggressively to improve their own competitive position.”


Auto Industry’s Green Shift Needs More Help: Ford Motor CEO Alan Mulally praised President Barack Obama’s focus on energy policy, but said policymakers in the United States and around the world must do more to help the auto industry deliver greener vehicles to the masses.

Mulally specifically urged Washington to do more to support the development of battery technology for hybrid and electric vehicles. “We have kind of relinquished our lead in many of these technologies,” he said during a speech at the New York International Auto Show. He later told reporters, “it’s going to slow up the electrification of the world.”


ICE CEO Says Blaming Speculators “A Crutch”: ICE CEO says blaming speculators “a crutch”: Blaming speculation for high oil prices is just a “crutch” for those not wanting to look at the supply and demand situation when it spiked to $147 in 2008, Intercontinental Exchange Chief Executive and Chairman Jeffrey Sprecher said.

ICE and its rival exchanges face regulatory initiatives as governments look to prevent another financial crisis that started not long after crude oil futures prices spiked to a record $147 in July 2008.Oil producers and consumers meeting at the International Energy Forum in Mexico are calling for greater oil market stability and transparency.


Duke Energy CEO Decries ‘Father Knows Best’ Pitch of Health Law: Duke Energy Chief Executive Officer Jim Rogers said the new U.S. health-care law was passed in a “Father Knows Best” fashion and will end up costing companies far more than they expect.

Rogers, who described himself as a moderate Democrat, said he was “offended” by the process Democrats in Congress and the White House used to pass the biggest overhaul of health policy in more than four decades.
Lawmakers took the attitude of “don’t worry your pretty little head about this,” Rogers, 62, said in an interview yesterday. “It’s only 2,000 pages, but once we pass it and you understand it you will be just fine with it,” he said.


Caritas CEO: Health Reform to Bankrupt U.S.: Caritas Christi Chief Executive Ralph de la Torre said he strongly supports national health-care reform, but he thinks it will bankrupt the country.

“I could never envision denying health care to anyone, it just blows my mind,” said de la Torre in a meeting yesterday with Herald editors. “But do I think it will bankrupt America? Yeah, I do.”De la Torre, who helped Caritas turn a $30 million profit last year after losing $20 million the year before, knows about health-care costs.

He has just helped engineer an $830 million deal with New York private-equity firm Cerberus Capital Management that is designed to shore up his chain of six Catholic hospitals’ pensions, preserve charity care efforts and provide hundreds of millions for capital projects.

The Supreme Judicial Court, the state Department of Public Health and the Archdiocese of  Boston still need to approve the deal.

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