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Why CEOs Usually Work During Their Summer Vacation

Even during vacation, executives sneak in call in or check emails. WSJ’s Joann Lublin discusses why CEOs can’t unplug on the News Hub with Sara Murray.

Many top bosses say they can’t afford to unplug even for a little while. Some are too invested in the job to let lieutenants run the business while they are gone, leadership consultants say.

Others balk at the thought of putting big projects on hold or missing face time with important clients or investors. Though a few CEOs praise the restorative effects of a few days off the grid, many would sooner cancel a planned getaway than risk appearing out of touch.

For those who are “addicted to being present,” the thought of vacation can bring more anxiety than relief, says Judith E. Glaser, the CEO of executive-coaching firm Benchmark Communications Inc.

They worry about losing power and influence if they aren’t on hand for meetings and decisions, she says. Ms. Glaser recalls working with a banking executive who coordinated his schedule so that important decisions were made only at meetings he could attend in person.

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