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Editorial Calendar 2014

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January/February 2014

Best Companies for Leaders

Annual ranking of 40 best global and 10 best private companies for developing and growing leaders within. Examines leadership development ROI and direct involvement of the CEO.

Mid-Market Elite

In partnership with the Fisher School of Business at the Ohio State University and GE Capital Chief Executive identifies 100 top performers among Mid-Market companies private and public that exceed expectations, outgrow competitors and create value in unusual if not unique ways.

Mobile Workforce in the Cloud

What does tomorrow’s office environment look like? How are CEOs adapting to raise productivity? Studies indicate more and more work is being done on the fly using tablets and exchanging sales, procurement and other data in the cloud. Sidebar examines work-life flexibility.

Regional Economic Development Report: Midwest

A state-by-state look at what the region has to offer business and why CEOs choose to locate or operate there. In addition to new developments and incentives, the report examines changing competitiveness within the region and how incentives compare among areas.

3 Killer CEO Biases to Avoid in M&A

How CEOs can boost their effectiveness in M&A by overcoming common cognitive biases that tend to derail deals or impair transactions. Examines how mid-market firms particularly can best employ accountants, lawyers, investment bankers and consultants to improve outcomes and lower transaction costs.

Technology: Best Systems for Analytics Operations

Analytics has arrived, but what are the ideal hardware and software system environments that support decision-making? What is the ideal structure to manage and coordinate alignment to realize the full benefits of a company’s data throughout the organization? Examines and contrasts practices of firms at all levels and size of company.

Leveraging Social Media for B2B companies

The new era of external marketing and even internal communications focusing on social media has many dangers as well as potential advantages for CEOs. Most see social media in terms of B2C, but there are ways B2B companies can leverage communication possibilities in ways that can get a jump on slower competitors.

Executive Life: Second Homes for CEOs

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March/April 2014

What CEOs Can Learn from Startups

There’s plenty that CEOs can learn from cutting-edge startups that they can apply to mid-market and larger organizations. A re-examination of the CEO tool kit for improving leadership, productivity, culture, and overall performance.

How Will We Attract and Train the New Manufacturing Workforce?

One of the biggest challenges facing manufacturing is finding people with the skills needed to work in the modern manufacturing environment. Auto makers such as Ford, for example, need to hire thousands of engineers at a time when software is playing a much more prominent role in vehicle design than even a few years ago. Millions of lines of computer code increasingly govern core vehicle functions like braking and air-conditioning. As more manufacturing returns to the U.S. what are leaders doing to attract and train people in the current and future manufacturing world?

Regional Economic Development Report: Northeast

A state-by-state look at what the region has to offer business and why CEOs choose to locate or operate there. In addition to new developments, the report examines changing competitiveness within the region and the role incentives play.

How Best Practice EVA for Private Companies Enhances Value

(Even for Owners Who May Not Want That Value to Be Obvious for Estate Reasons)

The benefits of operating a private company on an EVA-basis is having access to the latest financial techniques to extract the utmost performance, value and motivation from the organization, and to align the managers and employees with the family/owners. Although viewed as a value measuring metric for public companies, there are an increasing number of private firms that use an adapted model where adjustments are made to the accounting, tax, and cost of capital areas to align with family preferences and goals.

How to Get Tech Transfer Right

America does the world’s best job of generating new ideas inside its universities, research institutes, defense labs and corporate R&D facilities. But only a tiny fraction of those ideas are commercialized. Why? Here’s what companies can do to work with partners and institutions to capitalize and commercialize—in short to out-innovate.

Life After CEO

A look at a cross section of leaders and what they do after they step down from their demanding 24/7 jobs. Do they go quietly into the night, become bosses-on-the-beach, seek wisdom in a Katmandu ashram, or do they jump back in the fray by becoming board members, angel investors, or adjunct professors?

Executive Life: Exclusive vacation resorts & escapes

Supplement: Smart Manufacturing: A New Industrial Revolution in the Making

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May/June 2014

10th Annual Best and Worst States for Business

Special report on Chief Executive’s annual survey of CEO perception of the competitiveness of the states based on 1.) tax and regulation, 2. quality of workforce, and 3.) living environment. Explores why some states “get it” and others, well, not so much.

How I Would Fix ______

A number of iconic companies – JCPenney, Barnes & Noble, Dell — have been brought low often defying the best efforts of multiple CEOs to fix what’s wrong and transform them into operationally sound enterprises with a clear mission and the means of achieving their goals to satisfy customers. This feature would canvas various current and former business leaders to offer friendly advice as to what they might do with a selected company if they were at the helm.

Is Crowdfunding (and alternative financing) Right for Your Business?

When entrepreneurial and small companies need financing many of the traditional sources may not be available or attractive. For example, small businesses can raise money online via crowdfunding thanks to the signing into law of the JOBS Act in April 2012. However, the SEC is still in the rule-making process and is due to publish final regulations before non-SEC-accredited investors can start financing small businesses. Will explore other options open to all businesses to raise capital, and how some entrepreneurs tap capital in creative ways.

You Are Who Google Says You Are

Have you Googled yourself lately? Do you like what you read? It’s the first thing prospective hires, recruiters, potential partners will look at. If you don’t like what you see, there are some things you can do about it. CEOs have a choice: you can define yourself through intensive storytelling (sharing career news, perspectives, industry insights, community interests, philanthropic passions, etc.) or you can let your competitors define it for you. Will offer CEO-appropriate and actionable tips for managing one’s online presence.

Executive Life: Luxury cars for CEOs

Event coverage: Sales and Marketing Summit

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July/August 2014

29th Chief Executive of the Year

Who will be the peer-driven choice for the most outstanding CEO of the year? Will highlight what business leaders generally can learn from 2014’s beacon of excellence.

Secrets of Longevity

While the majority of companies die young, some, including multigenerational family enterprises, seem to achieve corporate immortality. What is their secret? What can businesses and leaders generally learn the leadership of long-lived firms that would boost long-term performance of any company young or old?

Appraising CEO Appraisal

CEOs are appraised every day, but often for the wrong things. While boards are taking a closer scrutiny in evaluating CEOs, rarely are these methods rigorously supported by HR-metrics and processes that look beyond the financials to provide a better indicator of likely outcomes. Will examine and profile several companies and the CEO appraisal processes that have evolved.

Regional Economic Development Report: West

A state-by-state look at what the region has to offer business and why CEOs choose to locate or operate there. In addition to new developments and incentives, the report examines changing competitiveness within the region and emerging developments within the region.

Technology: Is Your Enterprise Management Platform Still Aligned with Your Strategy?

Often, an organization has too many performance indicators and simply achieving functional and organizational alignment of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) can be too daunting a task. Old KPIs can often go unchallenged while at the same time new KPIs reflecting, say, social and environmental initiatives need to be developed. Recent research also shows that many organizations give too much prominence to internally generated KPIs – controlling the controllable – rather than looking outwards at threats and opportunities on the horizon which can ultimately be far more influential on performance. This will examine how firms boost performance and increase shareholder value through better enterprise system alignment.

Executive Life: Second homes for CEOs

Event coverage: Smart Manufacturing II

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September/October 2014

Compensation report

Chief Executive’s original research on private company CEO compensation will examine pay differentials by type of ownership as well as by a variety of dimensions: company revenue size, number of employees, growth rate, and level of profitability.

Technology: How Midsize Firms Can Optimize IT for Growth

Today, midsize organizations compete globally with the largest companies on earth. They face the same complex financial management, supply chain, and operational performance challenges but with fewer resources. This examines how pro-active mid-market firms have boosted performance via re-thinking their approach to IT.

Regional Economic Development Report: Southeast

A state-by-state look at what the region has to offer business and why CEOs choose to locate or operate there. In addition to new developments and incentives, the report examines changing competitiveness within the region and how CEOs view the region compared with other areas.

Obamacare at Mid-Term: What Do CEOs Do Now?

Clearly the business impacts will be felt in an even greater way by the end of 2014. What choices do CEOs have for dealing with the Affordable Care Act, depending on the status of the overall law and its provisions? For example, how widespread will the 30-hour work week be because of Obamacare? How does ACA change the long-established compact between companies and their workers over the issue of health care? Clearly, the issues for CEOs to grapple with as a result of ACA are many and immense.

Executive life: Private aviation

Event coverage: Chief Executive of the Year celebration at the NYSE

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November/December 2014

Mid-Market Award Winners

Who will be selected as the outstanding winner for Leadership, Innovation, and Overall Excellence among the mid-market elite?

CEO Outlook 2015

Chief Executive asks CEOs of companies of various industries and firm size to opine on the challenges ahead for their firm and for business in general.

Regional Economic Development Report: Southwest

A state-by-state look at what the region has to offer business and why CEOs choose to locate or operate there. In addition to new developments and incentives, the report examines changing competitiveness within the region and how CEOs view it compared with other areas.

CEO Wealth Creators

Who is generating real value? This is the sixth annual ranking of CEOs who have generated real economic –as opposed to accounting– value as measured by Applied Finance Group’s Economic Margin (EM) metric which identifies top companies that create real returns in excess of their risk-adjusted cost of capital.

Technology: How Gamification Can Boost Your Company’s Innovativeness

By using the mechanics of digital gaming companies in a wide range of industries can boost innovation processes, create more effective marketing, and drive greater shareholder value. Although pioneers in gamification tend to come from B2C companies, gradual adoption by B2B is coming.

Executive Life: Jewelry/Gifts

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