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Where Will the Electricity Come From?Ronald Bailey’s article on electric cars (March-April) is well written, informative and addressed many related …

Where Will the Electricity Come From?

Ronald Bailey’s article on electric cars (March-April) is well written, informative and addressed many related subjects. There is, however, another related subject that should have been addressed, namely, where will the electricity come from?

Current energy sources for electricity are said to be insufficient, and current energy technologies (coal, nuclear, etc.) have been mostly rejected for expansion by politicians and others in control. Green technologies have not been declared sufficient, and many of their potential building sites have been found unacceptable by politicians and others.

Are we getting ready for another ethanollike experience? As demand for electricity increases as a result of population growth and electric car usage, both supply and price may become challenges.

Marc D. Goldberg
President & Consulting Principal
SuMa Partners, Ltd.
Boca Raton, FL

(In response to Mr. Goldberg’s point see CE Newswire, “Why the atom is the answer” )

In response to our CE Online Newswire, “The Assault on Growth,” concerning problems with the Obama administration’s stimulus policies and lack of incentives for investment, readers offered a variety of strongly held views.

Growth at Risk
I think we need to encourage equity ownership and funding rather than debt funding. To this end all dividends should be deductible to the corporation, so they are on an equal footing with interest payments. Stocks would be more attractive investments based on their dividends, and money could be raised more cheaply, without adding a fixed burden to the corporation.Double taxation has gone on for too long.

Nigel D. Morgan
Ventura Associates.
New York, NY

I was very disappointed to read the latest issue of Chief Executive magazine and discover that you have decided to politicize your publication (clearly to the Republican Right). Your personal political views have no place in the magazine and, unfortunately, they have now significantly lessened the credibility of your publication. As a result, I will be cancelling my subscription to your magazine, to which I have been a subscriber for many years. A business publication should be politically neutral and it certainly shouldn’t become a forum for your personal beliefs.

Scott M. Jarus
Cognition Technologies
Culver City, CA

Barack Obama and his corrupt, tax-cheating, Clinton era retreads (“no more politics as usual”) are mortgaging our future, destroying our global competitiveness, embarrassing us with failed foreign policy, and demolishing the traditional family and the culture of life that has distinguished America since her founding. Fifty-four percent of the country voted for change, and we got it. As bad as was the last administration, none of this so-called change is what the majority of Americans would have voted for had they known what they were buying. We were warned by the alternative media, but we refused to listen. Now America may never recover from the damage that is being wrought by these goons in D.C., as we sit around powerless to do anything about them.

Jim Anthony
Anthony & Co. ONCOR International
Raleigh, NC

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