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Here’s Why This CEO Finds All Her Employees Through LinkedIn

Because Campbell couldn’t afford to hire a professional recruiter, like many small business owners, she turned to LinkedIn’s recruiter service to scope out the most talented individuals. “For $2,200 per quarter, I can run detailed searches on exactly the type of candidates I’m looking for and then approach them en masse,” she says.

Rebekah Campbell, founder of social network start-up Posse Campbell quickly began using LinkedIn as her sole recruiting platform because it allowed her to easily search for her ideal candidates — including those currently employed elsewhere — and send them a personalized email. If she needed a software developer, she could easily look up Google’s top people.

By replacing her old routine of job boards and resume scanning, Campbell not only saves time, but is able to tailor her pitches to each candidate individually. Furthermore, she can handpick which candidates she wishes to pursue instead of relying on the luck of the draw from a job posting.

“LinkedIn gives us access to the passive job hunter market that used to be available only through expensive recruiters, and it helps us seek out top quality candidates from within other companies,” she says.

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