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How Green Is Your Business?

Strategies for Building Proven Eco-Friendly Advantages

Chief Executive Breakfast Roundtable
Wednesday, June 11th, 2008
The Harvard Club
New York, NY

The business world and the environment are fundamentally linked. Smart companies are seizing competitive advantage through strategic management of their environmental challenges. Unfortunately, most accounts of creating environmentally friendly businesses tend to be little more than cheerleading in which the real problems are minimized or oversimplified. The discussion has also been constrained by zero-sum thinking about so-called corporate social responsibility and a ?limits to growth?  view which has historically exhibited an anti-market bias.

This roundtable will examine how CEOs are thinking about environmental issues in a market-focused way.  Such leaders are finding opportunities to cut costs, reduce risk, build revenues and drive intangible value.  Business is fundamentally about the productive use of resources. The discussion will explore the greening of the supply chain, the productivity raising advantages in reducing waste and energy in manufacturing, and the brand-building opportunities that derive from green-friendly products and services.

Participation is by invitation only. For more information, 

Please contact
Email bsagges@chiefexecutive.net
Call 201-930-5951

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