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Information begins with facts, which can be assembled to identify trends. Put it all together to derive knowledge. Presenting Chief …

Information begins with facts, which can be assembled to identify trends. Put it all together to derive knowledge. Presenting Chief Executive’s INfact.

  1. Difference in the number of months that the average CEO with international experience is appointed to the top job from the start of his or her career (24.83 years) compared with CEOs without international experience (22.9 years) to reach the top echelon | 24
  2. Of 672 companies (the combined Fortune 500 and S&P 500), the number that added new CEOs in the first six months of 2009 | 39
  3. Change in number of applications to the business Ph.D. program at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, 2009 vs. 2008 | +40%
  4. Average length of time, in months, the average car buyer keeps a car in the U.S., up 24% since 2002 | 48
  5. Value of total domestic motor vehicle production relative to GDP in 2009 | 1.95%
  6. Value relative to GDP in 1972 | 5.1%
  7. Market capitalization of the total U.S. auto industry relative to the $633 billion global automobile industry | 3%
  8. Market cap of China’s auto industry | 6%
  9. Combined market cap of Toyota and Volkswagen | 45%
  10. Number of months after Ford Motor Company was founded in June 1903 that it served its one millionth customer | 726
  11. Number of months after Twitter was founded in March 2006 that it served its one-millionth customer | 24
  12. Average number of years after an individual is named to the Forbes 4000 that he or she will fall off the list | 8
  13. Number of U.S. airports that have lost commercial air service since 2007 | 96
  14. Estimated date when China pulls ahead of the U.S. and Japan in the number of patents issued | 2012
  15. Total marginal costs incurred by an airline transporting a passenger for free between New York and Chicago | a soft drink (50 cents), a bag of peanuts (17 cents), and the incremental fuel cost per passenger (3 cents a mile) | $38.67
  16. Amount an airline can make by selling frequent flier points needed to win one free seat to hotels, rental car companies and other partners offering points-for-miles to their customers | $500–$1,000
  17. Percent of people who found employment in 2Q 2009 who relocated to a different city, up 11% from a year earlier | 18
  18. Average contribution of taxes to the cost of a gallon of gasoline in June 2009 | 15.1%
  19. Ratio by which spin-off companies outperformed the broad market in the three years after a split | one-third
  20. The combined value of the 100 most valuable brands in the world, up 2% from 2009 vs. 2008 | $2 trillion
  21. Value of Google, named the most valuable brand in the world | $100.039 billion
  22. Number of states requiring minimum wage rates that exceed the federally mandated $7.25 per hour | 13
  23. Number of bank failures in 2009 as of August | 84 
  24. Number of bank failures in 1989, the height of the S&L crisis | 534
  25. Bank failures in Canada since the economic meltdown | 0
  26. Estimated increase in the value of the Michael Jackson estate in the first seven weeks after he died | $100 million
  27. Change since 2002 in the average premiums paid to large U.S. health insurance companies | +87%
  28. Change in the number of credit card offers American have received in 2009 | -67%
  29. Projected change in worldwide electricity usage this year | -3.5%
  30. Number of years since recordkeeping began in 1945 that year-to-year electricity usage has declined | 0
  31. Percentage of total U.S. home values that Americans currently own as untapped equity | 41
  32. Percentage in 1945 | 84
  33. Number of years, on the average, by which the lifespan of a man whose wife is seven to nine years younger than he is exceeds normal life expectancy | 2
  34. Years by which the lifespan of a woman who marries a similarly younger man lags the norm | 2
  35. Factor by which female MBAs underestimated their actual performance ratings when asked to predict how their supervisors would rate them relative to male MBAs (who on the average overestimated the same scores) | 22
  36. Minimum number of executives who have been held hostage in France by striking workers | 15
  37. Projected change in the U.S. of real GDP per capita, Q4 2007 to Q4 2009 | -5.3%
  38. In China | +14.7%
  39. Average daily cost of absenteeism per employee | $500
  40. Percentage of American workers who admit they would act immorally—including lying or backstabbing—in order to keep their jobs | 28
  41. The level of organizational confidence reported by employees in India, the country with the highest level of confidence, on a scale of one to 100. The level of organizational confidence for the U.S. is 74 | 82

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