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Infact: January 2009

Information begins with facts, which can be assembled to identify trends. Put it all together to derive knowledge. Presenting Chief …

Information begins with facts, which can be assembled to identify trends. Put it all together to derive knowledge. Presenting Chief Executive’s INfact.

  1. Percentage by which the $750 billion bailout exceeds the cost of the entire New Deal | 33%
  2. Total paper losses of the portfolios of 175 chief executives through Oct. 27, 2008 | $52.3 billion
  3. Amount of paper loss represented by Warren Buffett | $15.9 billion
  4. Number of hedge funds and sums under management, respectively, in 1990 | 610, $38.9 billion
  5. By the end of 2006 | 9,462, $1.5 trillion
  6. Change in the purchasing power of the dollar, relative to the consumer price index, since the motto “In God We Trust” was added to the dollar bill in 1957 | -87%
  7. Change in PPI and CPI, respectively, for October 2008, the largest month-over-month decline since the data series began in 1947 | 2.8%, 1.0%
  8. Number of nations with double-digit annual inflation rates in 1979 | 67
  9. In 2007 | 31
  10. Average total return (add dividends, subtract inflation) of the S&P 500 since 1916 | 6.7%
  11. Average stock market return per year for the 25-year period ending June 20, 1957, the best result for any 25-year period | 12.7%
  12. Return for the 25 years that began on that date, the worst average return in history | 2.2 %
  13. The median total compensation (salary, cash, bonuses, perks, stock option profits and other realized equity) of female CEOs expressed as a function of the median compensation of male CEOs, according to a study of 3,242 North American com – panies | 85%
  14. Percent of consumers who always carry, or usually carry, a credit-card balance | 54.6
  15. Percent decrease in spending on visible goods per $10,000 in the mean income of white households in 2008 | 13
  16. Amount by which the average homeowner in Mountain House, California—the community which has the most foreclosures in the U.S—owes on their mortgage, above what their home is worth | $122,000
  17. Chances that a U.S. woman who gives birth is unmarried at the time | 2 in 5
  18. Average number of new federal crimes that Congress creates each year | 56
  19. Chance that a 411 call in the U.S is handled by a federal prisoner | 1 in 136
  20. Average number of hours per week that an American and a Chinese person, respectively, spend shopping | 4, 10
  21. Share of U.S. banks that have tightened terms on loans to large and midsize companies | 84
  22. Factor by which the amount of money borrowed by U.S. banks from the Fed in October 2008 exceeded what they borrowed six months earlier | 4,000
  23. Median price of a new home in the U.S. as of September 2008, the lowest since 2004 | $218,400
  24. Rank of the U.S. as a free-market economy in terms of openness to capital flows, low trade barriers, and absence of distortions from taxes and subsidies, respectively | 20, 21 and 35
  25. Rank of Hong Kong on all three scales | 1
  26. Number of private companies with revenues over $1 billion that had IPOs in the past 12 months | 3
  27. Number in similar period last year | 15
  28. 2007 revenues of Cargill, the largest private company in the U.S | $110.6 billion
  29. Number of S&P 500 stocks that experienced peak-to-trough drops of 50% or more in the 10 years ending in May—before the worst of the credit crisis hit | 347
  30. Ratio of the funds U.S. banks paid into the FDIC in 2007 to those they received in ATM fees | 1:1
  31. Percentage of Fortune 500 companies that own a Web address in which their name is followed by “sucks.com” | 26
  32. Number of complaints filed by corporate whistleblowers with U.S. workplace safety officials since 2002 | 1,288
  33. Number in which the government ruled in favor of the whistleblower | 17
  34. Valuation of a human life determined by the EPA’s 2008 Value of a Statistical Life calculation | $7.4 million
  35. Decrease in the number of home-line phone accounts in 2Q 2008 compared to a year earlier | 4.6% to 104.6 million
  36. Change in sales at Starbucks’ stores open at least a year for 4Q 2008 | -8%
  37. Change in sales at McDonald’s stores open at least a year for same period | +5.3%
  38. Number of women in the New Hampshire state senate, the first state legislative body with a female majority | 13
  39. Graduation rate for high school students in Nebraska, the state with the highest graduation rate in the U.S. | 88%
  40. Graduation rate for Nevada, the lowest | 56%

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