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It Pays to Have Fun at Work

Away from the serious every day news of the trials and tribulations, success and failures of CEOs are stories of …

Away from the serious every day news of the trials and tribulations, success and failures of CEOs are stories of some CEOs gone wild, those who knowingly indulged in fun of the dubious kind on their jobs at the cost of sense of honor. And then there are reports and surveys that say many CEOs like work and fun to be inclusive. 

Ken Makovsky, an investor relations expert and President of Makovsky & Co, a firm specializing in investor and public relations, in his blog post “My three cents” says in “Let The Good Times Roll” that “People who have fun on the job are more creative, more productive, more effective decision-makers and get along better with their co-workers. What’s more, employees who have fun at work have lower rates of absenteeism and fewer late and sick days than people who aren’t having fun.” 

Makovsky cites a 2004 survey by Hodge Cronin that “found that a whopping 98 percent of CEOs prefer hiring people who have a sense of humor over those who don’t, adding that “Another study, sponsored by Robert Half International, found 84 percent of CEOs and HR professionals believe people with a sense of humor do a better job.” 

Inc.com, which conducted a survey among 300 executives in August, says in a report titled “That’s Chief Entertainment Officer” that “CEOs often fail to recognize cultural malaise because they themselves are on a perpetual thrill ride of wins and losses.”

The report also says that “only 14 percent of survey respondents said someone in human resources handled fun€¦What HR staff does well is to note when morale is poor, many agreed. In that case, leaders should encourage them to tap others to get things moving.”

Hyderabad, India-based Brigade Solutions, an outsourcing arm of Illinois-based Brigade Corporation Inc., even has a Chief Fun Officer “exclusively for designing, framing and implementing various games for employees with the aim of developing a sense of belonging towards the organization.”

The day Rupert Murdoch’s Fox Business Channel debuted on October 15, it “had the normally abrasive talk show host Bill O’Reilly advised anchors Neil Cavuto and Alexis Smith to “have fun with it.” (See: “Are We Having Fun Yet?“) Makovsky concludes with “Who says that work and fun are mutually exclusive?” 

Fun at work is one of the reasons why Google is the No 1 among the best companies that people would like to work for because its theme is: “You’re going to work, but you’re going to have fun as well.”

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