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Where Are the Family Values?To the Editor:Kudos to Deroy Murdoch on his article, “CEOs Flunk Social Responsibility 101” (CE: Dec. …

Where Are the Family Values?

To the Editor:

Kudos to Deroy Murdoch on his article, “CEOs Flunk Social Responsibility 101” (CE: Dec. ‘oo). Unfortunately, he stopped short and one needs to read between the lines to discern what should be obvious.

Corporate America is driven by quarterly earnings, and yes, the CEOs condone decadent conduct to achieve them, often hiding behind subsidiaries. Lack of moral leadership is too often accepted at all levels of society, be it business, religious, or government, as recent news events best illustrate.

It is easy to criticize the media as an obvious target, when maybe the real culprit is the corporate money that is spent to sponsor the filth and trash that seems to dominate the movies and TV. Feeble corporate efforts to encourage family programming would be better directed if advertising dollars did not support immoral sitcoms and soaps. Where can we look for leadership outside of government to organize corporate America to reestablish integrity and moral values?

Elroy E. Bourgraf


Ferno Washington, Inc. Wilmington, OH

Deroy Murdoch responds:

I wonder if anyone in corporate America will heed Elroy Bourgraf’s call for moral leadership? No one expects CEOs to deliver sermons rather than annual reports. Still, there are tens of millions of consumers out there who would devote their allegiance to companies that turned their backs on bloodthirsty acts such as sludge-rapper Eminem. Ultimately, entertainment executives will have to decide how well they can sleep in beautiful homes purchased with the proceeds of media products that, like rap group Eminem’s, glorify things like the rape and murder of one’s mother while one’s daughter watches.

Mea Culpa

To the editor:

In the article, “The 3rd Annual MVA Ranking” (CE: Dec. `oo), which is generally excellent, you list category lists based on industries. Under Paper/ Forest Products, I think you listed the companies which should have been listed under “Medical/Healthcare.” I should know, I’m in that industry.

I also think you have the Paper/Forest Products companies listed under Natural Resources/Metals. Overall, the magazine is excellent, and I enjoy reading the very informative articles, especially the CEO Roundtable. The participant’s comments are usually quite on the money.

Louis G. Beck

Louis Beck & Associates

Lodi, OH

CE responds:

In fact, Mr. Beck is correct in identifying the December printing error. We regret any confusion this misprint may have caused our readers.

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