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A HAND FOR CETo the Editor:With 12-plus decisional hour days demanded of CEOs, we do not always get the opportunity …


To the Editor:

With 12-plus decisional hour days demanded of CEOs, we do not always get the opportunity to say thank you for the privilege of receiving the most quality magazine for CEOs-Chief Executive. I have always enjoyed receiving every issue including the CEO Brief (I have saved every issue for reference) and reading about other CEOs and their decision-making strategy. In addition, the quality of the publication has received positive reviews from most everyone with whom I have shared it.

I want you to know that out here, in the real world, quality time is precious and the reading material is selective. Therefore, the cost-benefit principle is utilized with an eye and mind on positive/helpful/cost savings learning experiences.

Again, I say thank you for your quality efforts in publishing “A Journal of Strategy and Analysis by and for CEOs”-Chief Executive.

John F. Turner, Sr.

Chief Executive

Northfield Research Group

Providence, RI


As Chief Executive gears up to bestow its highest honor upon Intel’s chief, some CE readers share thoughts on Grove’s ascension to CEO of the Year.

Andy Grove created significant shareholder value through constant innovation and by not allowing his product to become a “commodity” product. His industry leadership-by moving outside the box-is an example to us all.

Robert M. Rayner

President and COO

Essroc Cement Corp.

Nazareth, PA

Under Grove’s management, the company has been able to grow both in revenue and profits while consistently beating all competitors in this highly competitive market.

Dr. Joseph Stach

President and CEO

RF Power Products

Voorhees, NJ

 Intel, under Grove’s leadership, continues to turn in stellar profits during all economies. The company is the leading edge of semiconductor technology. Grove is a visionary who dares to push the envelope in novel business practices. He has been one of the outstanding leaders in all industries, and particularly the semiconductor and electronics industry.

Anthony A. DeLise


Coghlin Electric/Electronic

Westboro, MA

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