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CRITICAL SKILLS FIT THE BILLTo The Editor:As president and CEO of Illinois’ largest community blood center, I am accountable for …


To The Editor:

As president and CEO of Illinois’ largest community blood center, I am accountable for the majority of the blood supply for metropolitan Chicago. Our standards of stewardship and accountability seem to be even more stringent than those of our colleagues in the private sector, because our greatest public asset is trust. I found the article, “Critical Skills And The CEO” (CE: April 1993), to be especially relevant. The skills identified by the authors are exactly on the mark for us.

I encourage you to provide more coverage of the non-profit sector. Since quite a few of your readers sit on the boards of directors of our institutions, coverage would help them to enhance their abilities to judge our efficiency, effectiveness, and quality.

Patrick G. Morand

President and Chief Executive

LifeSource Blood Services

Glenview, IL


To The Editor:

I appreciated the recognition you recently provided both myself and Homedco in the N.B. section of your magazine (CE: September 1993). However, I felt my statements regarding President Clinton’s health-care reform proposals were misrepresented.

While I do have substantial concerns about some aspects of the president’s proposal, I do not feel that I spoke “on the stump” or that I took “potshots” at the proposal. The plan has many positive aspects, and I believe the country will benefit from the debate surrounding it.

Jeremy M. Jones

Chairman and Chief Executive


Fountain Valley, CA


To The Editor:

Your article, “Education Is Everyone’s Business” (CE: May 1993), profiling John R. Hall and Ashland Oil’s education efforts, was commendable. I have worked closely with Hall and other staff from Ashland Oil for several years in many of those programs that have made a difference in the lives of thousands of Kentucky students and teachers.

On a personal level, those efforts have had an impact on me and my consuming habits. As a child of the ’60s and an environmentalist, my natural inclination is to be suspicious of all corporations-particularly big oil companies.

Ashland Oil’s unwavering commitment to public schools has put a personal face – on at least one large corporation. When I think of Ashland Oil, I now see teachers who received Teacher Achievement

Awards, students who benefited from the Day on Campus programs, and parents who improved their skills because of “Parent Power.”

I know Ashland Oil’s primary goal for working to improve education is not immediate improvement of its bottom line. However, the company’s commitment to education has caused me to be committed to it: I now buy only SuperAmerica gas and always have my oil changed at Valvoline Instant Oil Change.

I wish I knew of more corporations like Ashland Oil.

Mary Ann Blankenship

Kentucky Education Association Frankfort, KY

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