The 2013 CEO & Senior Executive Compensation Report for Private Companies gives great visibility into average chief operating officer salary and is the most comprehensive compensation benchmarking report of its kind. Use this report to:
  • Help you craft your COO salary and compensation practices that will motivate and reward the right activities, attitudes and outputs by your executive team
  • Enable you to attract and retain the right senior talent with an appropriate chief operating officer salary
  • Provide chief operating officer salary benchmarks on your own compensation relative to your peers
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The most comprehensive data on private company executive compensation

Chief Executive Research has gathered compensation and best practices data from 1,101 private companies, with over 2,600 current CEO/COO salary and executive compensation data points. This is the most comprehensive proprietary dataset for private company CEO, CFO, and COO salary and executive compensation ever collected. Be confident using our guide as the definitive source of benchmarking and best practices data.

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Benchmark your company's compensation practices

Benchmark your company's COO salary and executive compensation practices vs. other companies of comparable size and profile in terms of:

  • Base chief operating officer salary
  • CEO, CFO, and COO salary and bonuses
  • COO salary and equity and options grants
  • Benefits and perk packages beyond the chief operating officer salary
  • Chief operating officer salary and compensation policies and practices
  • Change in compensation components from the prior year with regards to the CEO/CFO/COO salary

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See how executive compensation including COO salary varies based on a variety of factors

Learn how the absolute dollar amounts and mix of compensation components vary by:

  • Chief operating officer salary and the company's annual revenue
  • COO salary and number of employees
  • Industry and the average chief operating officer salary
  • Typical COO salary in the geographic region
  • CEO, CFO, COO salary and type of ownership: Family, Sole Proprietor, Partnership, Private Equity or V.C.
  • Chief operating officer salary and revenue growth
  • Profitability margins and chief operating officer salary
See compensation information for CEOs and other top senior executives

This report provides the most detailed compensation data and practices for 10 executive titles in private companies available, including:

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Chairman
  • President
  • Senior Operations Executive (COO, GM, VP Operations)
  • Senior Finance Executive (CFO, VP Finance)
  • Senior Marketing Executive (CMO, VP Marketing)
  • Senior Sales Executive (CSO, VP Sales)
  • Senior Information Technology Executive (CTO, CIO)
  • Senior Research/Engineering Executive (Chief Scientist/Engineer, VP R&D/Engineering)
  • Senior Human Resources Executive (Human Resources Director, VP Human Resources)
Benchmark equity compensation plans
  • How much equity comparable companies give to key executives, in addition to base salaries like chief operating officer salary, based on position, company size, type of ownership, and more
  • Impact of equity grants on company growth and profitability and COO salary
  • How shares and options in private companies are valued and administered in addition to chief operating officer salary
  • What types of vesting plans exist and what are some key benchmarks and best practices in determining the COO salary
Best Practices

This report will not only show you how comparable companies have structured their chief operating officer salary practices, but you will also learn the best practices for:

  • COO salary and incentive compensation plans
  • Equity awards in addition to the chief operating officer salary
  • COO salary and vesting strategies and triggers
  • Chief operating officer salary and retention practices
  • Benefits packages in addition to COO salary
  • Chief operating officer salary and additional perquisite packages
  • Cost/benefits of various compensation levers associated with chief operating officer salary
Who should buy this report?

The data in this research report is an invaluable tool for evaluating your company's CEO/CFO/COO salary and compensation practices, benchmarking and aligning them to similar companies, and improving them to incentivize the COO and senior executive team to perform.

Among those who would benefit from this report are:

  • Private and public company CEOs
  • Boards of Directors and Chairman of the Boards
  • Company owners
  • CFOs
  • Senior HR executives
  • Private equity firms
  • Venture capital firms
  • Executive search professionals
  • Business valuation consultants and lawyers involved in business valuation
  • Compensation consultants

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Pricing and Purchasing

The complete CEO & Senior Executive Compensation Report for Private Companies is shipped as a two volume research report.

  • Single user, single company license: $2,495 $1,995 - save $500 on the list price when you order directly through
  • Over 400 pages of data on the average CEO, CFO, COO salary and best practices
  • Over 300 easy-to-read charts and graphs, along with comprehensive compensation data and benchmarks
  • Analysis and details of the most comprehensive data set for the typical chief operating officer salary and other and senior executive compensation available
Data and Site Licenses

We offer licenses to the data and multi-user licenses for the report. For more information please call Michael Bamberger at 203-930-2709 or e-mail

What's more important than finding talent in today's marketplace, and knowing the right price for that talent? The answer, of course, is nothing. Need insight into chief operating officer salary requirements? We have you covered. Never before has there been more demand for the very best COOs, and knowing how to attract and retain these sought-after professionals is essential.

To attract top talent for a firm's operations, you need to have a solid understanding of COO salary requirements and expectations. Compensation is key for attracting all high-level individuals. When it comes to chief operating officer salary requirements, the more that you know, the better off you and your bottom line will be.

Recruitment professionals and human resources professionals alike need to understand COO salary requirements. Chief Executive Research has collected data from 1,001 private companies regarding their executive pay practices. What was learned was distilled down to a comprehensive and insightful report, the Chief Executive Research's CEO and Senior Executive Compensation Report for Private Companies. This comprehensive report is full of important and useful information regarding COO salary.

Our detailed and comprehensive findings explore COO salary data from a wide variety of private companies. The insightful results outline what you need to know regarding chief operating officer salary. Armed with this report, your company will be able to attract the right professional into this essential operational role.

There's no replacement for talent, and attracting the right people is a must. When you understand trends in chief operating officer salary, your company will be able to attract and keep vital top-level talent.

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  • "I found the report most useful because of the detailed information by job category. The information on the report makes us aware of what the market is doing to reward Chief and Senior Executives. Our immediate use was to benchmark against our Senior Executive Sales & Marketing position."

    Ligaya Bowman, VP of Human Resources, Datron World Communications, Inc.
  • "I was very pleased with the comprehensiveness of the report. It was outstanding in the depth and granularity of the data slices. Your report is the best I have read."

    Douglas Nichols, Chief Operating Officer, Aerion Corporation
  • "We were looking for data for privately (family) held companies, and this was the best resource I found for the information."

    Anna Nogueiro, Director of Human Resources, Nelson
  • "With your survey it was easy for the Executive Team to stay focused to talk about the real issues because all of the key data points were readily available for discussion. The survey made my job easier."

    Alvin L. Proctor, SPHR, Vice President of Human Resources, Kaneka North America LLC