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2.7 Billion Mobile Web Users by 2015, More Popular than PC

In the iPhone’s short history it has managed to change the way in which the world consumes media.  Though there …

In the iPhone’s short history it has managed to change the way in which the world consumes media.  Though there were PDA predecessors – Blackberry and Palm provided handheld email devices – it wasn’t until the iPhone appeared that we began to rely on our cell phones for more than just communication.  The advent of the app store allows consumers to run their lives from the palm of their hands.  What would we now do without mobile banking apps, Google Maps mobile, or Angry Birds?

In 2010 the number of global mobile web users hit 2 billion, but the number is expected to increase to 2.7 billion by 2015, according to an article from VentureBeat.

What’s even more impressive is that by 2015 the United States will have more mobile web than personal computer users – between 2010 and 2015 U.S. mobile web users will increase by a compound growth rate of 16 percent. The article attributes faster network speed and more coverage as the reasons for such an increase in use.

This creates a huge opportunity for business owners.  Although it is already necessary for a company to have an internet presence, it will become increasingly important for these companies to make their websites compatible with mobile devices or to create their own mobile-specific app.  Plain and simple, most of your customers will use their phones to either learn about your goods and services, to research your reputation amongst previous customers, and if you’re really up-to-date on your technology they may even make purchases or use your services through the app.

To stay in the game, CEOs need to incorporate mobile technology into their sales strategy. To learn more on the future of mobility, join us October 18-19 at Chief Executive’s CEOtech Summit hosted by the Stanford Graduate School of Business. You’ll learn how B2B, industrial, manufacturing and other non-consumer brand businesses are successfully using mobility to further their businesses. The speaker roster includes eBay CEO John Donahoe, San Francisco Giants CEO Larry Baer, and Kaiser Permanente CEO George Halvorson – and you’ll get to tour the Googleplex!

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