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Newsletter Editorial Guidelines

From time to time, we invite people to contribute ideas and solutions to our readers via a submission to our e-newsletters.

CEO Briefing is delivered every Monday morning except holidays, at which time it is delivered on Tuesday.

CEO Briefing: Spotlight on Manufacturing goes out the first Tuesday of every month.

CEO Briefing: Spotlight on Boards is quarterly.

Please observe the following:

  • Features must be aimed at CEOs and not just a general business audience; all our newsletters are intended to elevate the performance of CEOs specifically.
  • All contributions must rely on empirical evidence, including at least two concrete, specific examples and 1-2 research statistics to anchor one’s arguments in a reality most can understand. This is a fundamental requirement.
  • Our audience is mid-market companies with revenue from $10 million to $50 million.
  • Our voice is ‘how to’ so the article should contain some type of steps, tips or numbered list.
  • All promotional comments, or adjectives such as “the leading” or “the best” will be edited out. The article must try to educate the CEO reader and not serve as a thinly disguised platform for self-aggrandizement for oneself or one’s company. The author’s expertise is advertisement enough.
  • Length should be no more than 500 words.
  • Include a short author bio sketch free of gratuitous claims. Links to one’s website, books published, white papers, etc. are encouraged. A headshot is welcomed.

Finally, please be sure to use a wrap-up paragraph at the end. We get a lot of articles with bulleted lists and then the article simply falls off at the end. Please be sure to wrap up your insight in a final paragraph.

Send all submissions to:

Lynn Russo Whylly, Online Editor
(203) 930-2706