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Newsletter Editorial Guidelines

CEOs and industry experts who interact with CEOs on a regular basis are welcome to submit articles to be considered for our e-newsletters. These articles should be aimed at the CEO with ideas and solutions CEOs can use to build their business.

Our newsletters include:

CEO Briefing, distributed weekly, provides insight on and analysis of the latest issues and trends affecting CEOs, including effective leadership, relationship building, governance, transitioning, globalization, growth, culture and much more. 

Manufacturing CEO Briefing, distributed monthly, covers the latest trends and important issues that manufacturing CEOs need to know, including information on operational excellence, technological advancements, cost efficiencies and energy reduction. 

Mid-Market CEO Briefing, distributed monthly, reports on the latest news, trends and information affecting midmarket companies.

CEO Briefing: Spotlight on Boards, distributed quarterly. covers the trends, news, strategies and issues related to boards of directors and advisory boards.

Please observe the following:

  • Features must be aimed at CEOs and not just a general business audience; all our newsletters are intended to elevate the performance of CEOs specifically. Strategic thinking takes precedence over tactical implementation, which usually happens one or two levels down from the CEO.
  • All contributions must rely on empirical evidence, including at least two concrete, specific examples and 1-2 research statistics to anchor one’s arguments in a reality most can understand. This is a fundamental requirement.
  • Our audience is primarily (85%) mid-market companies with revenue from $10 million to $1 billion, with the remainder being above $1 billion.
  • Our voice is ‘how to’ so the article should contain some type of steps, tips or numbered list.
  • All promotional comments, or adjectives such as “the leading” or “the best” will be edited out. The article must try to educate the CEO reader and not serve as a thinly disguised platform for self-aggrandizement for oneself or one’s company. The author’s expertise is advertisement enough.
  • Length should be no more than 500 words.
  • Include a short author bio sketch free of gratuitous claims. Links to one’s website, books published, white papers, etc. are encouraged. A headshot is welcomed.

A few additional words of advice: Keep your opening paragraphs short and to the point. Make sure they explain why this is important to the CEO and why they need to read your article now. Then jump into how the CEO should use the information you provide. Tip, bullet points and numbered takeaways are all beneficial.

Finally, please be sure to use a wrap-up paragraph at the end. We get a lot of articles with bulleted lists and then the article simply falls off at the end. Please be sure to wrap up your insight in a final paragraph.

Send all submissions to:

Lynn Russo Whylly, Online Editor
(203) 930-2706

All authors are allowed to post a link to the article on their website, or in their newsletter or social media. PDF reprints can be purchased by contacting reprints@chiefexecutive.net.