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Report From Davos

Leading business and political leaders (and a few celebrities) are gathered in Davos to discuss the key risks and opportunities …

Leading business and political leaders (and a few celebrities) are gathered in Davos to discuss the key risks and opportunities around the four identified themes:

  • Global power shifts: economic and political power is no longer concentrated in the hands of the developed economies. Emerging markets have become centers of both economic growth and geo-political decision-making.
  • Economic uncertainty: There is a high degree of volatility and ambiguity across many markets in the short to medium term, which is likely to lead to irrational behaviour on the part of investors.
  • Resource scarcity: The strain of providing for a world with a population heading rapidly towards 7 billion and beyond threatens to undercut growth, create environmental problems, and cause social and political conflict.
  • Institutional weakness: Governments and global institutions that were fragile before the crisis have, by and large, become even more so in the face of global instability. The world is in no state to withstand further shocks.

Some of the other key global trends that are being discussed, debated and assessed with high relevance to CEOs include:

  • Growing Income Disparities
  • Growth of Young Populations
  • Aging Populations
  • Urbanization
  • Spread of Connectivity
  • Empowerment of Women
  • Increased Migration Flows

According to the World Economic Forum “Today’s global interconnectedness means that it is impossible for any stakeholder to address these challenges in isolation. …Leadership today means navigating a larger, more complex set of issues and more complicated relationships.”

Additional Resources:

   World Economic Forum’s Outlook on the Global Agenda 2011 

   Video Interview:  Ellen Kullman, CEO, Dupont  (and co-chair of this year’s forum)

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